“Three Stylistic Stances … Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan” Exhibition

During the period February 14th – March 3rd, 2017, SENSO Gallery hosted the Three Stylistic Stances … Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan” Exhibition. 

The opening speech of the exhibition that included the works of the three artists was delivered by the art critic Doina Pauleanu PhD, manager of Constanta Art Museum.

“Connoisseur of the engraving exigencies, graphic designer and highly appreciated professor at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Anca Boeriu dedicates herself lately, with unsettling passion, to painting; the cycle around which the artist’s thoughts, concerns, feelings, searches, connections and symbolic representations revolve is called Flight Obsession; two of the artworks exhibited at Senso Gallery are part of this series (…) “

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu tells us through the artworks exhibited in February-March 2017 at Senso GalleryWe can associate the Shakespearian quote, as incorporated into the work, to the open curtains – the genuine lateral backstage  – that direct the view to the action in progress and allow the spectator to be co-opted, sometimes ensuring his or her complicity; the scene is never empty, but populated with harlequins, musicians, angels, other relaxed or preoccupied incarnations, shadows. (…)”.

Looking at the works of Oprisan Letitia, the spectator embraces the joy, even the colour frenzy. Offhand gestures, safe brush, wide surfaces, seemingly devoid of vibration, in which a tumultuous energy pulsates of life, evoking, mutatis mutandis, the cracked ice banks that the frozen sea draws in a barely perceptible, but cosmic sway – rare spectacle, as this irradiating colour – the abstraction that has completed its course, but does not forget the figurative paths from which it came into existence, are elements of language that make her stylistic approach recognisable (…)”.

“We bring art closer to you – this is the motto of our gallery, on behalf of which we  set out to make as representative selection  as possible of authors and works. Exhibitions organised atSenso Gallery are part of a complex program, generously opened to everyone – Catena for Art – through which we hope to be the voice of authentic and original assumed cultural vocation! In 2017 we will continue to organise, with the same success, milestone events in the cultural landscape of Bucharest”– SENSO Art Gallery.

This event is supported by Catena, through Catena for Art program, sponsor of all events hosted by SENSO Gallery.