“Dedication to Life”, an exhibition by Daniela Făiniș, at the Senso Gallery

The vernissage of the ceramics exhibition by plastic artist Daniela Făiniș, entitled “Dedication to Life” (“Dedicație vieții”), will be taking place on Friday, the 16th of December 2022, starting from 6:30 PM, at the Senso Gallery in Bucharest (Calea Victoriei 12C). With Ana Daniela Sultana as a Curator, the project is part of the visual arts programme conceived by Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU), the Artistic Director of the exhibition space, and can be visited between the 16th and the 28th of December 2022, every Monday to Saturday, between 12 and 7 PM.

“In 2015, under the coordination of Cristina Popescu Russu, the ARTA magazine dedicated a broad thematic file to Romanian ceramics, including also a series of interviews with the most relevant Romanian ceramic artists. Certainly, Daniela Făiniș could not have been omitted from this series, and, on this occasion, she confessed to having “the latch of the idea of monumentality, of hidden strength in the fragility of porcelain”. This strength keeps animating the phytomorphic world of her creative universe, palpitating with life and paying homage to nature as a fundamental source of inspiration. Over 30 recent works, which are mainly floral, focusing of the aesthetic intensity of the detail, whether they render efflorescences, petals, pistils or leaves, the majority being executed in Limoges porcelain, make up the selection for the personal exhibition by Daniela Făiniș, ‘Dedication to Life’, at the Senso Gallery in Bucharest.” (Ana Daniela Sultana)

Daniela Făiniș (born 1961) is a visual artist whose experience is situated at a crossroads between sculpture, painting, graphic, tapestry and ceramics, being famous especially for the latter, for contemporary ceramics, a field in which her artistic activity includes exceptional accomplishments, such as important medals, prizes and distinctions, amongst which we mention: “Meritul cultural” as a Commander, offered by the President of Romania (Bucharest, 2004), the Gold Medal of the International Ceramics Competition of Ceramic Art city of Gualdo Tadino (Perugia, 1989,1990), Mention of Honour at the International Ceramics Festival Mino (2002, 1998, 1992) and the First Prize at the Ceramic Art Biennale (Aveiro, 1997). Her works are present in museums and collections in Belgium (the Art Collection of the European Parliament in Brussels), the USA (the Collection of the Ceramics Studio in Philadelphia), Japan (the Collection of the Foundation supporting ceramic artists from across the Ocean, Tajimi, Gifu) and Romania (the Collection of the National Contemporary Art Museum and the Cotroceni Museum). Besides, Daniela Făiniș executed the trophies of the International George Enescu Festival.