About Us

Senso Gallery – Cultural Center in the heart of Bucharest

Reopened in the spring of 2014, the Senso Gallery is a private space designed to present, stimulate and promote contemporary art. Located in an accessible central area, which it can increase through its cultural offer, the Senso Gallery regularly organizes exhibitions accompanied by high-quality promotional materials – catalogs published under special technical conditions, monographic volumes, flyers, news, reports and art films that are broadcast on the online television station of the same name.

In its generous spaces, its intention is to stimulate quality, originality, novelty, aesthetic relevance – especially through young artists’ works, regardless of the field of visual arts in which they work – although it falls, at the same time, into the typology of portfolio galleries. In this double hypostasis, it proposes, confirms or can contribute to the imposition of values, stimulates the activity of collecting and increases the dynamism of the Romanian art market.

Owner of an important collection of contemporary works, the Senso Gallery aims to raise awareness in Romanian society in relation to the artistic act, to propose, in an unbridled flow, artistic landmarks that are unknown, recognized or in the process of being affirmed, to increase the visibility of artistic discourses, to mediate new ways of communication, to become a place of consecration and a must-see landmark in the field of Romanian contemporary art.

As a work in progress, which wants to identify and promote, through its curatorial projects, concepts, ideas and ways of representing a dynamic, multivocal artistic actuality, with a high degree of relevance or only with an exploratory aspect, the gallery’s activity proposes to its visitors complex senses of composing and reading the image in order to become a necessary platform for interaction between the public and the contemporary art.

The access of emerging or established artists, in personal or group exhibitions, in events structured on themes or fields, is free, democratic and stimulating. Sponsored by the Fildas Art Foundation and the Catena for Arts program, the curatorial projects of this gallery impose as conditions of selection and promotion only the quality and authenticity of the artistic expression. Hence the prospective purpose of the gallery, but also its formative quality, knowing that in the approach of current art are necessary accommodation, information, empathy and the absence of any form of doctrinal radicalism.