What kind of works do you exhibit?

The works that are present in our online art gallery address the following types of projects in the field of contemporary art: painting, drawing, illustration, caricature, jewelry, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, design, mixed media, photo-video. HERE you can find details of the artists of our art gallery. Click on the Online Store for information related to the entire Senso Gallery art offer.

What percentage do the gallery charge for the sale of works of art?

For the sale of works of art, the commission of the gallery is 25%. This commission is added to the price set by the artist for each work and thus results in a final sale price. There is complete information about all the active works of art in the gallery’s online store.

How much does it cost to exhibit in the Senso Gallery?

We do not charge an exhibition fee. All the exhibitions we organize are financially supported by the Senso Gallery. After the end of the exhibition, the artist is asked to leave a work to the gallery.

Do you have programs for children?

The Senso Gallery runs programs for children: drawing classes, screenings of tutorials on digital and classic drawing. Thanks to these programs, children learn how to draw digitally and classically. For additional information on children’s programs, our contact information is available HERE.

Do you have movie views in your program?

In the near future, The Senso Gallery aims to organize film, experimental and animation film evenings. For more details, you can contact us HERE. All information about current and future events is announced in the Events section of our site.

Can I use the gallery for a private event?

The gallery space can be used for private events. We will respond to requests regarding the organization of private events, depending on the compatibility and schedule of our art gallery. Our Events and Contact pages are at your disposal for details.

What do I do if I am an artist and I want to exhibit at the Senso Gallery?

If you are an artist and want to exhibit in the Senso Gallery, all you have to do is send us a PDF with your work portfolio and your CV. The specialists of our gallery respond positively to the artists’ requests to present themselves in their workshop. Therefore, you can contact us at any time and we establish together all the details of the collaboration.

How can I see the works you are exhibiting?

The works in the gallery can be viewed in exhibitions, in the storeroom of the gallery, live, through online films and on our website.