“From Sacrifice to Hope” exhibition by artist Mihai Topescu

In the period March 8th – April 14th, 2017, SENSO Gallery hosted the exhibition of the artist Mihai Topescu – “From Sacrifice to Hope“. 

“(…) I was born on the same realm and under the same star sign as the great Constantin Brancusi, only at 80 years difference. I live and create in the sacred space he initiated in my hometown, Targu Jiu. His spirit guided me as a light throughout life, but he did not influence my art. I can only be happy that Brancusi did not discover glass as a form of expression“- Mihai Topescu, fine artist.


  Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and director of Constanta Art Museum,Doina Pauleanu PhD, director of Constanta Art Museum.


Through the “From Sacrifice to Hope” Exhibition opened in the already established space of Senso Gallery, Mihai Topescu assures (with memorable arguments) his visitors, that one of the most difficult and spectacular arts of fire – and of course we refer to glass -, shaped at dangerously high temperatures and in the original craftsmanship, can approach major topics, often closely related to the dramatic, thus  setting a blistering pace from the traditional decorative functions, thought to be of little importance for a long period of time(…)” – Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum.


Under the general tendency of artistic movements, to catch up in the immediate reality, where the story replaces the art object, I propose another type of speech as an alternative. After the SACRIFICE cycle – Human Sacrifice, Spiritual Sacrifice, or Artist’s Sacrifice, as a continuation of this alternative, on the logic of this spiritual pattern , I propose the HOPE cycle. Hope as a sense of confidence in the future, of success, not by ordinary means but through SACRIFICE – suffering, indulgence, tantalization. A hope we expect from others, but also from ourselves!   How would the sacrifice be possible if there was no executioner? Using art, I tried the liberation from the code of a mentality affected by scepticism and  anguish of the approximate man and of the approximate work of this beginning of the century. I proposed, through my visual projects, a non-polemic alternative to the mood which contemporary art, sceptic and reductionist, promotes so intensively. Refusing assimilation in this concept of creation and moment value I propose a pattern of expression of a human and spiritual reality that is perceived as the profound one – Mihai Topescu


This event is the second of this year hosted by the Senso Gallery; “Three Stylistic Stances … Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan Exhibition took place on February 14th