Launch of the album “tapiserie” (“tapestry”) by Cela Neamtu

On Monday, 24 April 2017, the SENSO Gallery ( 15 Unirii Bd., Bucharest) hosted an exceptional editorial event, the launch of the album belonging to the artist Cela Neamtu – “tapiserie (“tapestry”) (Monitorul Oficial Publishing House), organized with the support of Catena Group, through the “Catena for Art” Programme.

Within the event, the audience was addressed byDoina Pauleanu PhD, historian and art critic, manager of the Constanta Art Museum, Anca Ivascu, editor-in-chief of the Monitorul Oficial Publishing House, and the writer Dan C. Mihailescu, literary critic.

Sponsored by Fildas ArtFoundation through Mrs Anca Vlad’s patronage of arts, and published in special graphical conditions at the   Monitorul OficialPublishing House, the album contains impressive images of the works – most of them being tapestries in the haute-lisse technique – created by Cela Neamtu until 2015” – stated Doina Pauleanu, PhD It debuts with the author’s confessions in Romanian and English, dated 15 February 2010, from which we will provide a quote, for the depth and elegance of its wording: <<I like to say that I am a regular person, doing peculiar things. I work humbly, in order to give beauty to my peers. I have no cult of personality. For me, what is important is the cult of work. The volume also includes pictures of the author, in auspicious moments of her life, the awards and honours she has been granted, a full chronology and bibliography – dictionaries, catalogues, written and audio-visual press, list of works, including 248 works – most of them tapestries, indicating relentless creation work. The small and miniature tapestries are missing, as are the pastels made in creation retreats…”.

Cela Neamtu’s „tapiserie” (“tapestry”) album also includes texts of great cultural personalities, reputed historians and art critics, writers, colleagues in the trade, managers of museum and art sections, of whom we mention Ruxandra Garofeanu, Ion Frunzetti, Valentin Ciuca, Negoita Laptoiu, Corneliu Ostahie, Constantin Ciopraga, Basarab Nanu, Gheorghe Macarie, Nicoleta Arnautu, Dan Octavian Barbosa, Mariana Tomozei Cocos, Iolanda Malamen, Grigore Ilisei, Alexandru Skultéty, Ion Truica, Doina Cernica, Virgil Mocanu, Marina Preutu, Cornel Radu Constantinescu, Dorana Cosoveanu, the author of the first Cela Neamtu album, launched 15 years ago.

This event is the third one this year hosted by Senso Gallery: the vernissage of the show“Three stylistic states… Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan”, and the period March-April was dedicated to the exhibition of the artist Mihai Topescu – „De la sacrificiu la speranta” (“From sacrifice to hope”).