The exhibition The tree of life of the artist Alma Redlinger

An exhibition mainly of graphics signed by Alma Redlinger can be seen at the Senso Art Gallery, until March 28. Generous, the exhibition carries the viewer from the artist’s training period until the present moment.

Some charcoal and pencil portraits, watercolor landscapes, a nude sketch – these are just some of the artist’s works that project us into the 5th decade of the last century when Alma Redlinger studied with the avant-garde artist Max Hermann Maxy. In these early works we discover that, since then, the artist had some fundamental strengths, developed over time. Fine portraitist, with a good and expressive knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and with an impeccable technique of compositional construction, Alma Redlinger has long configured her unmistakable style.

Despite the fact that the exhibition did not intend to be a retrospective, we still find in the plastic past of the artist important landmarks of her work. Of course, the graphics in the various techniques of the 50s, 60s or 70s of the twentieth century were favoured by the direct relationship with nature and are expressions of the open air.  For that purpose, naturally, most of the works represent landscapes but there are also compositions with watercolor characters on paper, the latter theme can be constantly followed over time in the creation of Alma Redlinger.