“Form and Expression” Exhibition

Senso Gallery celebrated a year after reopening through “Form and Expression” sculpture and graphics exhibition signed by artists Ana Zoe Pop and Cristian Pentelescu. Many artists, art critics and journalists were present at the exhibition opening. Art critic Doina Pauleanu PhD, director of Constanta Art Museum delivered the speech at the exhibition opening.

About Ana Zoe Pop

“Concerned about the closed form, Ana Zoe Pop seems determined to retain her in her dense, hermetic or just fortified space (“count the towers, watch its reinforcements”, the psalmist invites us over centuries) and guarded from any external interference, the primary meanings of the symbol represented, those deducted (formulated in a personal key) or just suggested; we find ourselves, in fact, in different stages of a process that has broken its course through signs for the composition of which the artist no longer returns, considering them parts of a plastic alphabet elaborated and offered to the public with complete of otherness (and personal exhibitions and collective manifestations he attended to are part of this approach), both for reading, deciphering, and for philosophising”.  – Doina Pauleanu PhD.

About Cristian Pentelescu

“Cristian Pentelescu is present at this exhibition in in the person (and I took over the title of a work included in this show) of a mature artist who is well acquainted with the field of sculpture contemporaneously and throughout the history – he is, in fact, a renowned teacher – of the repertoire of forms to which he can resort, his imaginative resources, of the specific techniques (otherwise difficult to come by and use). (…) With a shyness that not justified by the accomplishments of the work – but it belongs to the human and therefore is all the more rarer – Cristian Pentelescu builds a plastic universe full of visual temptations and achievements, a world of serene thought and aspiration for formal perfection, a universe where craftsmanship becomes art, and the art – craftsmanship (tékhne), as it has long been the  meaningful case of Elada”. – Doina Pauleanu PhD.

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.