“Ostara”, thematic exhibition of the artists from the Senso Gallery portfolio

The Senso Gallery (Calea Victoriei 12C) invites you on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, starting with 6:30 PM, to the opening of the group exhibition “Ostara”, which brings to the public works whose theme is the rebirth of nature, the holiday spirit and the cultural-spiritual dimension of life. Exhibiting artists: Arina Ailincăi, Ana Ștefania Andronic, Ion Anghel, Alina Băncilă, Arina Bican,  Lucian Butucariu, Raluca Buzura, Marcel Chirnoagă, Irina Constantin, Bogdana Contraș, Daniela Făiniș, Maria Filipescu, Rodica-Ioana Ghilea, Mirela Hagiu, Ion Iancuț, Andra Lupu, Nicolae Răzvan Mincu, Nicolae Moldovan, Romeo Moldovan, Cela Neamțu, Costin Neamțu, Aniela Ovadiuc, Dumitru Radu, Edith Torony and Aurel Vlad.

“A fairly common practice of museums and art galleries around the world involves organizing, on a regular basis, temporary thematic exhibitions that (re) contextualize the works of artists belonging to their permanent collections. The “Ostara” group exhibition joins this trend and brings together representative works of established artists and young artists, which are found in the portfolio of the Senso Gallery.

The title is inspired by the pagan holiday Ostara, celebrated on the occasion of the spring equinox and dedicated to the rebirth of nature, fertility and planting of new seeds, as well as the goddess of the same name from Anglo-Saxon mythology. Not coincidentally, the etymology of the Easter holiday in English and German is related to this name.

Thus, the exhibition selection brings together works of sculpture, graphics and painting, along with decorative objects and contemporary designer jewelry which, as a theme, resonates with the pre-Christian and Christian symbolism specific to the rebirth season. If at Daniela Făiniș, Costin Neamțu, Edith Torony, Rodica-Ioana Ghilea, Bogdana Contraș, Aurel Vlad, Nicolae Răzvan Mincu or Marcel Chirnoagă we find representations of nature, the jewelry made by Maria Filipescu, Raluca Buzura, Alina Băncilă, Andra Lupu and Irina Constantin introduces us to a festive atmosphere. On the other hand, the works signed by Arina Ailincăi, Ana Ștefania Andronic, Arina Bican, Aniela Ovadiuc, Cela Neamțu, Ion Anghel, Nicolae Moldovan, Romeo Moldovan, Mirela Hagiu, Lucian Butucariu, Dumitru Radu and Ion Iancuț can be assimilated to the cultural-spiritual dimension of the holiday and of life.” (Ana Sultana Cipariu, curator)

Curated by Ana Sultana Cipariu, “Ostara” is part of the exhibition program designed by Ana Ștefania Andronic, Art Director of the gallery and can be visited between April 27 and May 15, 2021.