6 visual artists in search of an answer – “Are We Human?”

Starting on Saturday, November 13th, 2021, 18:30, at the Senso Gallery in Bucharest (Calea Victoriei 12C), the group exhibition entitled “Are We Human?” can be visited by patrons. The exhibition showcases artists Gabriel Caloian, Elesz Deen, Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu, Adelina Gavrilă, Luca Maiorescu and Alexandru Micloș, in a curator concept proposed by Ana Daniela Sultana. The exhibition “Are We Human?” It is part of the exhibition program designed by Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU), the artistic director of the Senso Gallery, and will remain open to the public until November 29th, 2021.

“From the mirroring of animal spirits in physiognomies to theories and biological research that increasingly highlight the fact that our organisms are increasingly taken over by bacteria, microbial cells or viruses, the human ontological theme is one that offers assumptions and uncertainties, rather. What is human nature today, when there is increasing talk of trans- or post-humanism, and how much of our biological, physiological and psychological reactions are dependent on the living, extra-human world of our bodies? Myths, even post-modern ones, cyber-belief, allegories or virtual or urban legends are projections of the imagination, the imaginary, regarding the path that is lit up or darkened by human fauna, based on and stemming from thinking. The six artists participating in the exhibition project – Gabriel Caloian, Elesz Deen, Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu, Adelina Gavrilă, Luca Maiorescu and Alexandru Micloș – propose a visual survey of the physiognomy and human hybrid.” – stated Ana Daniela Sultana.

The Senso Gallery is an initiative of the entrepreneur Anca Vlad, supported by the Fildas Art Foundation and Catena pharmacies, by means of the Catena pentru Artă (Catena for Art) Program, as sponsor.

Situated in an area of urban interest and visibility, which can be enhanced by means of cultural offer, the Senso Gallery regularly organizes exhibitions accompanied by promotional material – catalogs edited under special technical conditions, volumes with monography features, flyers, news, reports and art films broadcast on the online television channel of the same name. The website, www.galeriasenso.ro, incorporates the platform of an online store and offers the possibility to view and purchase works of art, all with a single “click”.

“We bring art closer to you! – this is the motto of the gallery, which we have taken upon ourselves to turn into the most representative selection of authors and works. The exhibitions shown at Senso Gallery are part of a complex program, generously open to all of us, through which we hope to manifest, in an authentic and original manner, an assumed cultural vocation! In 2021, we will continue to organize, with the same success, landmark events in the cultural landscape of Bucharest, to the extent that current times allow us” – the Senso Art Gallery, Bucharest.