Zamfir Dumitrescu, in front of the public after a 21-year break

In the last month of spring 2015, Master Zamfir Dumitrescu presented the lovers of his art a personal painting exhibition at Senso Gallery. It was the first of the last 21 years!

Most of the paintings are of medium and small size, made in oil on cardboard, oil on canvas and on wood, the painter approaching a common topic for those who know his painting – static natures, landscapes, interiors -, some topics being reps of previous issues, reruns. 

In the opening of the event, which became a landmark in the cultural landscape of Bucharest, the director of Constanta Art Museum, Doina Pauleanu, showed that, in Zamfir Dumitrescu’s artworks, “most scenes painted by the artist are happening inside: space evolves towards the depth through lateral scenes – usually, curtains made of transparent materials, silks or brocades with heavy folds – but also through pavement or ceilings, often coffered, to increase the difficulty of well-mastered crafts”.

About the artist, briefly

Zamfir Dumitrescu belong to, along with Stefan Caltia, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Cornel Antonescu, Wanda Mihuleac, Victor Teodorov, Mihai Buculei, Napoleon Tiron, Bata Marianov, Florin Codre, Ovidiu Buba and Tereza Panelli the Golden Generation of “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts from Bucharest, a generation which can be considered to have contributed fully to the writing of Art History. Even as a student, as an apprentice of master Corneliu Baba, the painting becomes Zamfir Dumitrescu’s way of life, another way of exploring and understanding the world.

A reference point for the artistic life of the painter Zamfir Dumitrescu, for his personality, is Norway, the country where, for a decade and a half, he felt like … home. During that time he painted and exhibited in both Norway and Sweden. The honour of being chosen to portray the monarchs of Norway and Sweden proves at the same time that both “the home of Grieg“, and “the country of Strindberg” have adopted and appreciated him for his art and talent. Zamfir Dumitrescu painted King Michael Olav V, HRH King Harald V and Queen Sonja, monarchs of Norway, King Charles VI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, and Nicolae Ceausescu and his family. There were official orders, which the artist considered and approached as real challenges for his painting, for the art of portraiture.

Painter, academic professor, former deputy, Zamfir Dumitrescu is, first of all, one of Romania’s outstanding intellectuals (he is at the fifth generation of intellectuals).

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.