“The Tree of Life” by artist Alma Redlinger

At age 91, artist Alma Redlinger opened a wonderful painting and graphics exhibition at Senso Gallery, which she named “The Tree of Life”.

On this occasion, the public in Bucharest had the opportunity to admire about 100 works that the artist has created since the 1950s.

The opening speech of the exhibition was delivered by Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum.

“Constantly drawn by the works of Alma Redlinger – painting and graphics alike – I record kaleidoscopic images from the The Tree of Life exhibition, currently being organised at Senso Gallery and I try the reassuring feeling given by things seen and known, caused, inflicted, of course, by visual habits, installed in my everyday life in one of the great modern art museums in Romania – the professional chance equalised only by the responsibility which it involves. The work signed by Alma Redlinger is museum painting in the most appropriate and true meaning of the term, although the time segment to which it belongs is usually avoided in the permanent exhibitions of our institutions in the field. The creation of the artist born in 1924 and under the guidance of M.H. Maxy sets in a harmonious continuity, conceptual and language elements specific to cubism, fauvism, expressionism, constructivism – avant-garde movements of the last century, transposed and adapted to a contemporary that, certainly postmodern, has already ranked and classified them. Fully synchronised with the era in which the artist lives, the artist works in the wake of these currents with the joy, ever renewed, of discovering that this generation of masters will feel when she succeeds in restoring lost continuity, informing herself, escaping free from the oppression of imposed rigours and conventions”, – Doina Pauleanu PhD.

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.