The Senso Gallery at the Innovative Contemporary Art Ruhr Art Fair (C.A.R.) 2014

Romania was at the core of the 8th edition of the C.A.R Art Fair, Innovative Contemporary Art Ruhr. The event was hosted in Area A, buildings A 5, A 6, A 8, A 12 and A 35 (SANAA building) and in the outdoor space, on the 6000 sq m exhibition area of the Zollverein Cultural Center in Essen, included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Romanian art was represented by a selection of 43 visual artists and a series of galleries, including the SENSO Gallery.

Here is the list of Romanian artists present at the 8th edition of Contemporary Art Ruhr (CAR): Arina Ailincai, Andreea Albani, Ana Ṣtefania Andronic, Irinel Anghel, Viorica Bocioc, Anca Boeriu, Cristina Bolborea, Traian Boldea, Adela Bonat Marculescu , Mana Bucur, Marius Burhan, Vasile Cercel, Maria Cioata, Horea Ciontea, Nicolae Comanescu, Gherghina Costea, Georgiana Costea, Gheorghe Craciun, Judith Craciun, Matei Crisan, Eduard Duldner, Daniela Fainis, Petru Lucaci, George Marinciu, Romana Mateias, Alexandru Paul Miclos, Nicolae Moldovan, Darie Nemes-Bota, Simona Nutiu-Gradoux, David Leonid Olteanu, Mariana Olteanu, Aniela Ovadiuc, Ciprian Paleologu, Cristian Paraschiv, Ioana Popa, Beniamin Popescu, Cristina Popescu Russu, Valeriu Schiau, Ioana Setran, Daniel Stefanica , Roman Tolici, Silvia Traistaru, Gavril Zimcala.









The Caravan of the SENSO Art Gallery


The SENSO Gallery was represented by the works of three of the artists: Anca Boeriu, Marius Burhan and Eduard Duldner.

These works will leave Bucharest in the Caravan of the SENSO Art Gallery on Sunday, October 19, accompanied by Angelo Balie – Manager of the SENSO Gallery and Ionel Balie – Artistic Adviser, who, along the European itinerary and to the destination, held daily an original travel diary.

At the 2014 edition of Contemporary Art Ruhr (CAR) were exhibited works by other partner artists of the SENSO Gallery: Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu), Vasile Tolan, Gelu Costea, Cristian Ditoiu, Viorica Iacob, Dalia Elena Bialcovski, Teodor Botis, Rodica Xenia Constantin, Corneliu Vasilescu, Viorel Marginean.

The presence of the SENSO Gallery at the Contemporary Art Ruhr Art Fair (CAR), but also the Art Album made especially and dedicated to this event and which was launched on this occasion are supported through the CATENA FOR ART Program by Mrs. Anca Vlad, President of the FILDAS ART Foundation and Honorary President of the Association of Creative Women in Visual Arts in Romania.



About Contemporary Art Ruhr C.A.R. 2014

Organized since 2006, Contemporary Art Ruhr is the only art fair that takes place twice a year in the same place and the only event of its kind organized in an area included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The event gathers over 10,000 visitors annually.

C.A.R. presents German and international contemporary art galleries, art projects, art universities and young artists (C.A.R. Talents).

This fair offers a stage for presenting the contemporary art market with its many facets, from the Newcomer to the established artist.



Works that were presented in the gallery: