Senso Art Gallery at the Ruhr Art Fair

Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu)

Senso Art Gallery was represented at the Ruhr Art Fair (Essen) Germany, by the graphic designer Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu) together with curator Raluca Baloiu. Two series of works were presented to the public within the fair, DiaFonii grafice (Graphic DiaPhonies) and Picturalitati laice si metafizice (Lay and Metaphysical Pictorialities), both of them grouped under the title: Grafisme picturale (“Pictorial Graphisms”).

Whereas in the DiaFonii grafice(Graphic DiaPhonies) series, the young artist inked in her characters, she now ascribes special importance to colour. Her characters, which she created with coloristic spontaneity, conquer the spirit of the imaginary, of dream, of the arbitrary.

Ana Andronic placed her characters among orange trees and ice-cream cones, shrubs, pomegranates and levitating pineapple, clouds and domestic spaces. In a ludic-ironic note, her stories speak of (self)knowledge, interiorization, friendship, loneliness.

Ana’s characters are vested with humour (similar to a CerbuloraX who embodies the wise man searching for wisdom.). In a top hat and smoking a cigar, dressed as a gentleman, CamiloraX conquers the cityscape, the marine, the lunar realm. Having passed initiation filters, the charismatic CamiloraX is subject to various stages of lay evolutionSapte pasi – Seven Steps), as well as spiritual (Sapte emisfere – Seven Hemispheres). Compulsively repeated, the mirrors and the portraits of CamiloraX update the myth of Narcissus. At times, Ana’s canvases become spiritual maps, under the impulse of automatic dictation. Sporadically, Ana Andronic inserts fragments of visual maps, which remind us of Isidore Isou’s Lettrist aesthetics

The complexity, the compositional and coloristic harmony bring to attention genuine pictorial gymnopédias. The lyricism of the narration place Ana Andronic by the side of painters and graphic designers, as well as book illustrators.

Her presence at the Ruhr Art Fair was possible owing to Mrs Anca Vlad, whom we would hereby like to thank.

Raluca Baloiu