Opening of Senso Gallery’s new venue, with the collective exhibition “TIME TO BLOOM”

Dozens of personalities from Bucharest’s cultural and artistic life were keen on being present for the opening of Senso Gallery’s new venue, at Calea Victoriei no 12C (on the corner of Lipscani), at the 1st floor.

The vernissage of the collective exhibition “TIME TO BLOOM” was held on this occasion, displaying works of some of the artists with a history in presenting their works at the Senso Art Gallery: Dan Băncilă, Radu Dumitru,Mihai Țopescu, Daniela Făiniș, Raluca Buzura, Alina Băncilă and Maria Filipescu, with “Bijuterie Contemporană” (“Contemporary Gem”). The event was supported by Fildas Art and Catena, through the “Catena for Art” Programme.

“I am very glad to see the numerous guests the gallery has brought together from the very first evening of its existence, it makes me so happy that this beautiful venue is opened today, and I would like to congratulate the team for its involvement and for its tremendous effort made to create this special place, with a unique ambience. I would also like to invite you to admire the furniture made by a 100% Romanian company, which grasped our desire, namely valorising the art of fire, the ceramic artists, those who so delicately work with glass and porcelain. We also have an exhibition area for painting – the Queen of Arts, which will always be by our side. We welcome your proposals and your ideas, so that we may forge ahead and bring art closer to people. Let me take this occasion to announce a new campaign that we will be launching soon: “What do you hang on your wall?…”,declared Anca Vlad, President of Fildas-Catena Group.

Visual artists Corneliu Vasilescu, Cătălin Hrimiuc, Edith Torony, Vladimir Cioroiu, Lucian Butucariu, Dinu Câmpeanu, Adrian Buga, Brânduşa Unguraşu, Raluca Buzura, Maria Filipescu, Alina Băncilă, Marian Nacu were present at the event, as well as the the film director Cristian Mungiu, the writer Andrei Dîrlău, Georgiana Pogonaru, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Iceland in Bucharest, Andreea Paul (President of INACO), Marian Stoian (President of ANTREC) et al.

The event was hosted by Doina Păuleanu, holder of a PhD in the History of Art and manager of the Constanța Museum of Art.

“We have come together this beautiful evening in March, for the opening of a new cultural exhibition venue located in the heart of Bucharest, on a route which marks the completion of five years of activity at Senso Gallery, in a different exhibition space. There have been numerous author’s exhibitions and events in a venue for emerging and established artists, a venue which, in its turn, establishes artists, and we have succeeded. O believe it will have the exemplary success which it desires and deserves, because it has been created with love and commitment, meeting all the requirements of a place which will extend our cultural offer and a team which has evinced openness to all matters related to value and prospection in the field. I am certain that this gallery, which holds us as if we were in a show case, will polarize a vaster and more numerous public” said Doina Păuleanu, PhD.

The exhibition will remain open until April 5th, 2019.

About Senso Gallery

“Bringing art closer to you” is our gallery’s slogan, on behalf of which we have aimed to achieve the most representative selection of authors and works possible. The exhibitions held at Senso Gallery are part of a complex programme, generously open to all – “Catena for Art” – which we hope will generate the manifestation of an assumed cultural vocation, in an authentic and original manner! We will continue to organize landmark events in Bucharest’s cultural landscape of 2019 as well, with the same success” – Senso Art Gallery, Bucharest.