Ileana Dana Marinescu, once again at Senso Gallery, with a new exhibition

MOTTO: “In the vision of Babylonian tradition, the aquatic creature taught people the art of civilization”

SENSO Art Gallery held on Monday, the 11th of June 2018, at 6 P.M., the opening of the exhibition “AQUATIC CREATURES” belonging to the artist Ileana Marinescu. The event supported by FILDAS Art and Catena, through the CATENA for ART programme, was hosted by Doina Pauleanu, doctor in the history of art and art critic, manager of the Museum of Art from Constanta.

The third exhibition at Senso Gallery

The personal exhibition “Aquatic Creatures” joins two other exhibitions which the artist held at Senso Gallery: “Desprinderi din metal si sticla” (“Derivations of Metal and Glass”) (2017) and the Decorative Arts exhibition (2015)

A graduate of the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Visual Arts from Bucharest, Romania (1 year of audience and 6 years of study), class of 1968, Ileana Dana Marinescu attended the classes of the German Primary School (“Domnita Ileana” Girls’ High School) –the Ursuline Monastery (Sibiu) and the “C.A. Rosseti” High School, Bucharest.  She has displayed her creations as part of many personal and group exhibitions in Bucharest, throughout the country, as well as abroad (Germany, USA- New York, Thailand – Bangkok). She was granted the Award of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania (UAP) for the National Exhibition of Textile Miniatures (Simeza Gallery, 2003), UAP’s “Arts of Fire 2004” Award (Artis Gallery, 2005) and the Award for the personal exhibition “Wall Jewellery” (Simeza Gallery, 2005), as well as UAP Award for METAL (Dalles Hall, 2015).

Ileana Dana Marinescu has works in collections from Romania, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Great Britain, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and others.

“Ileana Dana Marinescu proposed a miraculous and unusual incursion into the sea world. From the expedition of the Argonauts (based on facts – the Achaeans’ first attempts to cross the Black Sea in the second millennium BC  – as well on fantasy) to the Greek colonization (the first one in history, which led to the creation of emporia – commercial factories, the basis of the later cities, on the shores of the same sea in 8th-6th centuries BC and to the present day, the aquatic expansions seduce, and imagination finds an ample space where it can manifest itself” (Doina Păuleanu, PhD)

Ileana Dana Marinescu is a scrutinizing spirit. (…) Her vision constantly feeds on an inexhaustible ingenuity, and each work is the measure of perpetual resourcefulness. (…) Ileana Dana Marinescu tackles the facile and the ephemeral with the utmost earnestness, because she is a person who is always fresh and restless” (Madalina Mirea)

Senso Art Gallery (15 Unirii Blvd. sector 5, Bucharest) started the year by hosting highly successful cultural events – the exhibition “CONTEMPORARY JEWEL”, where the most talented designers of concept contemporary jewellery have displayed their creations, as well as the personal painting exhibition “PICTOGRAMS II” – DAN CONSTANTINESCU and the “LIGHTSEEKERS” sculpture exhibition by ION IANCUT.

 “Bringing art closer to you – is our gallery’s slogan, and, in its name, we have set to achieve the most representative selection of authors and works. The exhibitions held at Senso Gallery are part of a complex programme, generously open to al – Catena for Art – whereby we hope that an assumed cultural vocation manifests itself, in an authentic and original manner. We will continue, in 2018 as well, to organize reference events in Bucharest’s cultural landscape” – Senso Art Gallery, Bucharest


SENSO Gallery’s opening hours are: Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 6 PM, Saturday: 11 AM – 4 PM.