“Habitualness to Metal and Glass” with artist Ileana Dana Marinescu

SENSO Gallery has hosted in the period June 20th – July 21st, 2017 the exhibition of artist Ileana Dana Marinescu – “Habitualness to Metal and Glass”. The opening speech of the exhibition was delivered by the art critic Madalina Mirea.

“Ileana Dana Marinescu is an inquiring spirit. Whether hunting eggs, or balancing the micro- with the macro-universe, proposing jewellery to walls, or spying water, air and earth to steal details for its beasts, she is always looking for the piece of matter to instil life upon it.  I do not know another contemporary Romanian artist who is able to deplete the expressive valences of a piece of glass, a piece of work, or a bottle of perfume. Her vision is constantly nourished from inexhaustible ingenuity, and each work is a measure of perpetual ingenuity. What Ileana Dana Marinescu proposes today at the Senso Gallery is a world creatures in motion, from which the creator’s smile springs out, in a waggish and not entrenched dialogue, as the old carpenter has failed to achieve with his doll came alive.

The precious little ladies of laminated glass are subtly engraved in barbed wire. Guerlain centipedes stand alongside the suave scarabs, purple angels and wondering dragonflies are hunted by arrogant Egyptian birds leant against the wall. From the rocks, vertebrae and Saint-Jacques shells, the artist imagined amber beasts, softly wrapped in Buzau net, or, as the case may be, crinoline fluids.

Galvanised, enriched with silver and copper deposits, all these oxymoron material joining become unitary because of the thought that forged them, the hand that compacted them and the eye that enjoyed them. Because in the end, the artist watched and saw that it was good.

Ileana Dana Marinescu addresses the effortless and the ephemeral with great seriousness, because she is always a fresh and restless human being” – Madalina Mirea, art critic.