“DREAMS WORKSHOP”, the exhibition signed by Anca Boeriu

Between June 16th and July 14th, 2016, the exciting painting and graphics exhibition entitled “Dreams Workshop” by the artist Anca Boeriu could be admired at SENSO Gallery. Dominated by shades of grey and pink, the works invited the viewer to detach from the real world, to introspection and revery. In fact, this was also the artist’s intention.

“It is a very personal exhibition, full of emotional experiences. I wish that art lovers who come to see the exhibition enter my dream studio and we would dream together. I think any artist, even if he or she does not realise it, always brings something from his inner side“, artist Anca Boeriu, lecturer PhD at the Graphics Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts within UNArte Bucharest, confessed at the opening of the event.

Doctor of Visual Arts in 2008, Anca Boeriu graduated “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, 1982 series of graduates, the class of Prof. Eugen Popa and has been a UAP member since 1993 and a member of the Graphics Section office (1996-1998 and 2002). 

Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and director of Constanta Art Museum, delivered the opening speech of the “Dreams Workshop” Exhibition.

“<Thoughts Workshop> by Anca Boeriu (the title of the personal exhibition opened at Brancovenesti Palace Cultural Center in Mogosoaia in November – December 2015) was subjected within a few months to the necessary metamorphosis to become a Dreams Workshop. Tearing, exhausting – the exhibition was organised in the wake of the tragic events of  Colectiv – Club sublimed, concentrated, consumed, the artist’s thoughts gradually turned into dreams, but not into illusions. In order to accomplish (complete) this process, the Jump into Void, was necessary, which the graphic artist imagined in a grey dusk. The fall changed its trajectory, however, and became, at the end of a complex, uncertain and exhausting process, floating or even flight; the stages of this approach with no guaranteed purposeful manner involve characters into ascending actions (Flight Attempt I, II and III), in which persons of both sexes, in groups of two or three individuals, are carried away by the ascending stream, without struggle or only with minimal contribution to the achievement of the general effort; consumed in the oneiric status, the transformation phases store in memory the fear, the distrust and the tension that accompanied them – Remembrance of Flight (…)”- Doina Pauleanu PhD.

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.