Decorative Art 2014 Exhibition

The Decorative Art Exhibition was one of the largest cultural and artistic events hosted by the Senso Gallery in the first year of its opening. Consisting of 11 nuclei of personal exhibitions made by visual artists Cela Neamtu, Costel Iacob, Dan Bancila, Daniela Fainis, Ileana Dana Marinescu, Nicolae Moldovan, Jorge Mafu, Marius Burhan, Valeriu Schiau, Dumitru Traian Tili and Manuela Botis with no regard of generations, of style, of vision or of way of approach, but only of value, notoriety and desire to give the prestigious exhibition the display space well deserved. 

Doina Pauleanu, PhD,  art critic and director of the Constanta Art Museum, delivered the opening speech at the exhibition.​

“Marking, in a decorative and inventive manner, the end of the year when Senso Gallery returned to the public circuit, but also the opening of a section dedicated to the dismantling (after creation) of the art objects, the present exhibition brings together twelve names and enough works to give account here and now about the quality and the strength of this field of consecration. The manoeuvrability and taste for technics have endured for a while, to our happiness, from the past; then the only remarkable pieces, arising with surprising freshness in the ordinary grey, with an ingenuity that defied any obstacle or prohibition, were made by the artists of those generations, transformed, like medieval creators, into artisans of unparalleled virtuosity, into alchemists who finally made true the dream of a life time. And even if any material now can be found, even if the latest news in the field is immediately available in the country or can be purchased from anywhere, as the roads are open and accessible, reflections of this combining passion, of the only field that could never be constrained – and I am referring to imagination, of course – have remained intact or have been transmitted, through teachers and models, in contemporary times”. – Doina Pauleanu PhD.

On the occasion of the opening of the decorative art exhibition, SENSO Gallery of Contemporary Art was inaugurated with a sale, a permanent exhibition in which paintings, sculptures, graphics and decorative art will be exhibited. 

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.