Dan Constantinescu returns with a new exhibition at the Senso Gallery

Motto: “By painting 40 years on this palette, I hardened time in the mystery of creation. I paint the time that flows over the memory of the images in me. Art is a state of mind and we who look are the mirror ”- Dan Constantinescu, visual artist. ”

At a distance of exactly two years, the painter Dan Constantinescu (“The Crane” is the nickname given by his colleagues) brings to the public a new personal exhibition – PICTOGRAMS II, at Senso Gallery. As a proof of the fact that it was expected, there was a large audience on the evening of the official opening, on March 27, several friends and colleagues of the artist, but also people who simply admire his art took part in the opening.

Supported by FILDAS Art and Catena, through the CATENA for ART Program, the event was presented by PhD in the history of art Doina Pauleanu, director of the Constanta Art Museum: “Like hieroglyphic writing, which could be traversed in all four directions (from top to bottom and vice versa, horizontally or on the column, according to the will of the scribe or the place shown in the image) and appreciated not only as text but also as part of an image or even an image in itself, Dan Constantinescu’s works can be approached, with real aesthetic benefits, from any angle – of those who contemplate painting itself, of those who love only the art of museums, of those who declare themselves openly on the side of either naturalistic or non-figurative art ( …), Of the skeptics, (…), of those who are convinced that there are still directions to invent and explore.”

Member of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania, Dan Constantinescu is a graduate of the “Nicolae Tonitza” High School of Fine Arts and of the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, class of 1973, class of professor Corneliu Baba. In 1975 he received the “Theodor Aman” Creative Scholarship. Since 1976 he has participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions, in the country and abroad (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, China, Japan). He has works in private collections around the world: USA, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Russian Federation, Canada.

“I have always wanted to paint time, which makes us understand differently the works created thousands of years ago. I passed through the filter of my sensitivity the images of the frescoes from Vladimir or Suzdal, where I could touch paintings made by Rubliov. I belong with body and soul to the moment I am going through on this earth, but at the same time I cannot ignore what connects me to ancient art. (…) I paint ideas, states of colored grays, in which they shout reds that are pale or bright in the mystery of the light in the churches” – Dan Constantinescu confessed.

The exhibition can be visited between March 27 and April 30, 2018, from Monday to Friday between 11.00 AM and 6.00 PM and on Saturday between 11.00 AM and 4.00 PM.

This is the second major event of March at the Senso Art Gallery. The first important event, which is still in progress, is the “CONTEMPORARY JEWELERY” exhibition where some very talented contemporary jewelry designers exhibit their creations.

“We bring art closer to you – here is the motto of our gallery, in the name of which we set out to make the most representative selection of authors and works. The exhibitions organized at the Senso Gallery are part of a complex program, generously open to all – Catena for Art – through which we hope to let manifest an assumed cultural vocation, in an authentic and original manner! We will continue to organize in 2018, with the same success, major events in the cultural landscape of Bucharest ”- the Senso Art Gallery, Bucharest.

We invite you to watch some reports dedicated to the artist by SENSO TV through SENSO ARTS: