Artist DAN BANCILA, at the forefront of Senso Gallery

In light of the winter holiday season, Senso Gallery brings to the public an extraordinary decorative art exhibition. It includes an impressive collection of works signed by artist Dan Bancila, a well-known name in the field of glass processing, with a remarkable artistic career where he has experienced everything that this beautiful and colourful material has to offer. 

  Doina Pauleanu PhD, historian and art critic, director of Constanta Art Museum,delivered the opening speech: “The world of forms created by Dan Bancila asks for resorting to history of culture, from which we extract, under complete fascination, the one and same word used by ancient Greeks to design art and craft alike: technê. Since Xenophon things have certainly changed to a good extent, although ancient glass, seemingly weightless and, of course, anonymous, features flawless beauty in its successes; the language has evolved and diversified, the art, the profound and original expression of human creativity, is a wondrous field, with its own determinations and exigencies, the technology designates the entirety of methods, processes, operations applied on the raw materials, the materials and the data for manufacturing an industrial or commercial product, but the pure, perfectly finished forms that Dan Bancila displays to the public in the exhibition opened at Senso Gallery urge us to nostalgic outsights. In his creation, art and craft reunited again, and the artworks have the optical and tactile quality of objects that can cope with the whims of time (…)” 


DAN BANCILA Exhibition can be visited at SENSO Gallery during the period December 7th, 2017 – January 19th, 2018, from Monday to Friday between 11 am – 6 pm and on Saturdays between 12 am – 6 pm.

DAN BANCILA was born on October 7th, 1943, in Bucharest.

He graduated “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest, the 1969 series of graduates, the class of professors Zoe Baicoianu and Ion Popescu-Negreni.

He is a member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union and has works in private collections and museums in Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and Romania. He has had personal and group exhibitions in Romania, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Japan, USA.

Since 1974, DAN BANCILA has been rewarded in Romania and abroad with numerous awards and distinctions for his talent and prodigious activity, the most important being the “Order of Cultural Merit Commander of Fine Arts” (2001), but also the title of Personality of 2008 in Decorative Arts.

“When looking at Dan Bancila’s works, one can discover a magical and bright universe, full of transparency, light and colour. In addition to glass and crystal works, bronze sculptures can be admired in his workshop, featuring graceful female characters or harlequins from the circus world“.

We invite you to watch the SENSO TV movie dedicated to the artist and shot in his studio:

This event is conducted with the support of Catena, through Catena for Art program, sponsor of all events hosted by SENSO Gallery.

He continues the series of successful events hosted by Senso Gallery since the beginning of the year, such as “Three Stylistic Stances … Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan” Exhibitions, “From Sacrifice to Hope” (Mihai Topescu), “Habitualness to Metal and Glass (Ileana Dana Marinescu)release of “Tapestry” album of the artist Cela Neamtu, “Junkyard Symphonypainting exhibition of the artist Edith Torony, optical glass exhibition by Catalin Hrimiuc.

In September 2017, Senso Art Gallery in Bucharest represented Romania to the fourth edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair International Art Fair within BERLIN ART WEEK in Germany, participating with artists Edith Torony, Nicolae Moldovan and Ion Anghel. It also participated at the ART SAFARI 2017 Fair, where it promoted the work of artist Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU, when the art album “#motion blur” was released, an editorial project developed with the support of FILDAS Art foundation and of Catena, through Catena for Art program. 

During November 8th – 30th, 2017, SENSO Gallery, CATENA for Art, the Association of the Creative Women in Fine Arts in Romania and FILDAS Art organised, in the Euphoria and Symposium halls of the National Library, the International Exhibition of Creative Women EUROPEAN BRIDGES 2004 – 2017a manifestation that aims to highlight the feminine creativity, of intense tradition over the last two centuries of the Romanian arts”.

We bring art closer to you! – is the motto of our gallery, on behalf of which we set out to make as representative selection as possible of authors and artworks. Exhibitions organised at Senso Gallery are part of a complex program, generously opened to everyone – Catena for Art – through which we hope to be the voice of authentic and original assumed  cultural vocation! In 2018 we will continue to organise, with the same success, milestone events in the cultural landscape of Bucharest “ – SENSO Art Gallery.