“Alluring Burden” Painting Exhibition – Dalia Bialcovski

Dalia Bialcovski graduated “Nicolae Grigorescu” Academy of Art in Bucharest, (Painting Department, class of Prof. Vasile Blendea and Florin Mitroi). She is a standing member of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union, of the “International Association of Arts Plastiques” – UNESCO, Paris and AFCAPR. 

He had 18 personal exhibitions and participated in over 90 group exhibitions – national, municipal and international in the country and abroad under the patronage of UAP, ICR, FILDA Art, Soleil de l’Est, FICF, MAE. Her works are displayed in museums and private or state collections in Romania, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Algeria, Brazil, Great Britain, Israel, Germany, Russia and USA. Her creation and talent were rewarded with the Grand Prix for Painting (1999, International Exhibition in Cangas, Spain), the First Prize for Painting in the National Contest of Professional Fine Artists in Romania (1987) and the “Theodor Aman” Scholarship granted by the Municipality of Bucharest and UAPR (1988-1991).

Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and director of Constanta Art Museum, delivered the opening speech of the exhibition.

Alluring Burden – art is assumed as an individual option (The transition between worlds) as a sign of destiny (Ana), as meaning of fulfilment, after having completed the  weary stages of initiation (.) and completeness (The Miracle Vault). Seen from the front, monumental, in strong contours, carefully and determined drawn, the characters of Dalia Bialkovski are represented in moments of concentration, strive and persistence, abandonment, love, happiness; in the first situation shown, ladies in belle époque clothes (…) –  wide-brimmed tall hats and veils, long and wide dresses – seem plunged into their world, with enigmatic smile on the barely suggested face Introspection) or in the arms of the man carrying strongly, the wondrous burden; the strive and perseverance can be identified in the attitude of the Tamer or of the Ladies of Leisure; the abandonment is felt by partners in the middle of the Dance, when there is only rhythm, sounds and the joy of living; love belongs to the mother who contemplates her baby (Protection, First Step), and happiness – in the arms of her man (Tango)” – Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum.

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.