Rodica Lomnasan

Rodica Lomnasan

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Somehow alienated from the artistic life of the Capital City of the last three years, this October I had the opportunity of enjoying a very special exhibition, the result of a life experience but also of an assumed artistic experience. This is the painting and engraving exhibition entitled "Mediterranean Tales", opened at the Romanian Cultural Institute and signed by graphic artist Rodica Lomnăşan.

I know the author since the early 90's, while both, being conspecifics, were looking for our place and purpose in an artistic world as little friendly as the Romanian post-communist society as a whole.

I had her invited to one of the editions of the famous "Serata muzicală TV" show of the late Iosif Sava as she was a young artist just starting out, and I enjoyed very much what she was doing. At the end of 1997, Iosif Sava had invented a special section in his talk show: live vernissage. Every Saturday we would set up the artworks of some exhibition by value in one of the mammoth studios of TVR and would invite the author to a dialogue about his or her creation, included in the unparalleled show by Iosif Sava. After we became friends at "Serata", our roads parted and then crossed again, after more than 17 years, on the occasion of Rodica Lomnăşan's personal exhibition at the Romanian Cultural Institute. It was a period when the artist fully crystallised her personality, as I ascertained upon seeing her latest works.

Rodica Lomnăşan was born in Alamor, Sibiu County, in 1965, and graduated the National University of Arts in 1994. She became a member of the Romanian Fine Artists' in 2010 and a member of EKATEK - Cyprus Chamber of Art. Rodica Lomnăşan has lived and worked over the past years on the island of Cyprus, the Greek side. There she opened several exhibitions at the Hambis  Engraving Museum  - Plataniskia, in 2009 and in Limassol the same year, in Nicosia in 2007 and in Kallepeia in 2006. In 2009, during the summer workshop at the Hambis Engraving Museum, Rodica Lomnăşan received the Award granted by Hellenic Bank for teaching engraving techniques. The rich artistic activity of the graphic artist is also reflected in numerous participations in group exhibitions, especially abroad, as well as in several personal openings in Belgium and the Netherlands. The "Mediterranean Tales" painting and engraving exhibition from October, opened at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, was a summary and a  crowning achievement of the experience lived on the island of Cyprus.

The series of artworks exhibited by Rodica Lomnăşan at the Romanian Cultural Institute, created between 2009 and 2015, could be defined as a levantine dream leeway in a miraculous space, bathed in the clear and strong light of the south, a space lying, as many of the Greek islands are, between a sea that constantly changes its colours and a range of rocky mountains with little vegetation but tempting to the eye of the artist in their surprising forms, through the unique aerial landscapes that the contemplative person perceives. Clearly, the art of Rodica Lomnăşan rose to a higher level due to direct contact with this generous nature. I could say that, in a certain way, her encounter with the Mediterranean Sea resembles the encounter of the Romanian inter-war painters with the already legendary Balchik space. Many of the  inter-war painters radically changed their style and were defined plenarily as artists only by contact with the light of the south, with Balchik's maritime and rocky scenery, nowadays impressed by the lifestyle of the Turks and Tartars that inhabited it.

In direct contact with the Mediterranean nature, from which she snatched away the legends and stories and atmosphere, Rodica Lomnăşan began to paint, devoid of any inhibition, in the technique of oil and watercolour, continuing to work and engrave in aqua forte technique on copper plates. The engraving made by the overlapping of plates is also drawing to painting by polychromy.  

A peculiarity of Rodica Lomnăşan's work is the separation of the "shell" of things, in favour of an increased interest for the "core" of the reasons she approaches. The artist introspects the inside of a fruit, for example the pomegranate, ascribing value to  the surprising geometry of its seeds. Pomegranate, a symbol of Mediterranean space, appears projected, in a free game of imagination, on a marine background. The creatures of the sea are approached in a ludicrous spirit, transformed into characters of the story that Rodica Lomnăşean narrates with a wide variety of fine arts means. In the clear light of the south, architectures of the place stand out, handled in the watercolour technique, for which the artist shows genuine endowment. And above all this, the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, is preening like a spirit of the place, who she incites by its mere plastic evocation to the foray into the ancient history of some cultural and civilization creation spaces in the Mediterranean basin.  

More than just making us part of a personal experience, Rodica Lomnăşan's exhibition was a direct invitation to dreaming, detached from a depressing ordinary. The places where the artist was mesmerised became recognizable fine arts topos, impressing a delicate and refined creative personality.




University of Art, Bucharest - Graphic Department 1994

Nicolae Tonitza Art High School - Bucharest 1983

Member of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania since 1996

Member of EKATEK (Cyprus Chamber of Arts) since 2009

Workshops and Residencies:

1998 and 2000 - Workshop at the "Frans Masereel Graphics Center", Kasterlee, Belgium

2002 “Prograph Foundation” - Orvelte Workshop, The Netherlands - Project: object book with lithography illustrations - the poem “La Steaua” by Eminescu in collaboration with the Dutch poet Toon Peters and the graphic artist Toon Wegner - Professor at the University of Art, Groningen)

2009 - Workshop: Hambis Printmaking Museum, Plataniskia, Cyprus - guest professor

Personal exhibitions:

2015 “Mediterranean Stories” - Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest 2015 “Polychrome” - Chiaki Kamikawa Contemporary Art Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (2 artists)

2014 Engraving Exhibition - Hambis Engraving Center, Plataniskia, Cyprus 2011 “Arthis” - Romanian-Belgian Cultural Center, Brussels

2007 “Reflections” - Opus 39 Gallery - Exhibition organized by the Romanian Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus

2009 Hambis Engraving Center, Plataniskia, Cyprus

2009 Dino’s Art Cafe, Limassol, Cyprus

2006 “Inner Gateways” - Kallepeia Gallery, Cyprus - presented by the Romanian Ambassador in Nicosia

2004 Deel 2 Gallery, The Netherlands

2006 “Another possible World”, Ibsen Café, Limassol, Cyprus - on the occasion of the Ibsen celebration

2002 “Metamorphosis” ENZO Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2002 Brâncoveanu Palaces Cultural Center, Mogoşoaia - Foisor Gallery 2002 Lage Land Gallery, Groningen, The Netherlands

2002 Art Jazz Club Orizont, Bucharest

2001 Simeza Gallery (2 artists: graphics & sculpture)

2000 Brâncoveanu Palaces Cultural Center Mogoşoaia - Ground Floor Gallery

1998 "Omnia" Hall, Romanian Senate

1997 Home of Art Gallery, Bucharest

1996 Sibiu Art Gallery

Group exhibitions:


"Mirroring and Transfiguration" wexhibition - Temeiuri Spring Salon, Constantin Brâncuşi Hall, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

BIAMT - International Biennial of Miniature Arts, Timisoara

Small salon “SMB10” - “Blur” exhibition, Home of Art Gallery Bucharest

Art Sfari, Bucharest

“Ex libris Brâncuşi 2016” on the occasion of the Brâncuşi symposium (Traveling exhibition)

The “Marina in Romanian painting” exhibition, Cotroceni National Museum


Women and Art Exhibition - Technopolis Cultural Center, Paphos, Cyprus (March)

Romanian Graphics 2015 “Contemporary Art Ruhr”, Germany

Group Exhibition & Book Fair, “Famagusta Gate” Cultural Center - Nicosia, Cyprus

“The praise of beauty as an appearance of good” exhibition - Temeiuri Salon - Constantin Brâncusi Hall, Palace of the Parliament

Art Sfari, Bucharest

Salons of Moldova

"Autumn Salon" - Constantin Brâncuşi Hall, Palace of the Parliament

“A4” exhibition, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest


Group exhibition - Strovolos Cultural Center, Nicosia, organized by EKATEK Cyprus on the occasion of the inauguration

Astra Salons - 2nd Edition, Sibiu (December 2014- February 2015)

Kypriaki Gonia Gallery - Group Exhibition, Larnaca, Cyprus (July 2014) "Romanian Graphics"

“Syntonistiko” Cultural Center, Limassol, Exhibition organized by EKATEK - Cyprus (July-August)

Ion Andreescu International Biennial, Buzau

The “Tree of Life” Exhibition - Temeiuri Hall, Constantin Brâncuşi Hall - Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest


Engraving and Sculpture Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

“SMB7” Small Salon: “Seduction of the right angle”, Home of Art Gallery - Bucharest 2013

"Romanian Graphics"

Arts Bucharest (October)

Group exhibition "Structures, Line, Color", Elite Gallery, Bucharest


Engraving and Sculpture Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

"Romanian Graphics"


Group exhibition on the occasion of International Women's Day, "Arthis" Romanian-Belgian Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium

“Casa” (The House) exhibition - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

Group exhibition “Petra tou Romiou” (Stone of Aphrodite), Hellenic Bank Head quarter, Nicosia, Cyprus (with Cypriot artists)

“Grafica Romaneascã”, Bucharest - first edition


Group exhibition organized by the Anoyra-Limassol Municipality, Cyprus


"Dialogue" exhibition, Nicosia - Cyprus - Group exhibition organized by the Romanian Embassy in Nicosia and the Ministry of Culture from Cyprus (November-December)


The “All Women 4 You” exhibition - organized by the Pegasus Art Foundation at “Art Studio 55” Limassol, Cyprus - on the occasion of International Women's Day


“The House” - Group Exhibition, Lage Land Gallery - Groningen, The Netherlands


International Triennial of Small Engraving - Chamalieres, France - Honorary Diploma

Jubilee exhibition of the "Frans Masereel" Engraving Center - Kasterlee, Belgium

Autumn Salon, Bucharest


“Lilla Europa 2002” - Biennial of Painting and Small Engraving - Hallsberg and Orebro, Sweden

4th Lithography Symposium, Tidhaholm - Sweden

“G7” group exhibition - Hag Gallery

Group exhibition – Home of Art Gallery, Bucharest

Group exhibition - Otopeni Gallery


“Contemporary Romanian Graphics”, Sao Paolo, Brazil (traveling exhibition)

Autumn Salon, Bucharest "Eclipse": Art Outside the Museum - Râmnicu Vâlcea

National Salon of Fine Arts, Romexpo

Apollo Gallery, Bucharest - Engraving Exhibition (traveling exhibition)

Engraving Exhibition - Central University Library, Bucharest

International Visual Arts Fair - Globus Circus, Bucharest


"Art Dans la Ville" International Festival, Saint Etienne, France

"French-Romanian engraving" - cultural exchange Lyon - Bucharest (2000 and 1999)

"Contemporary Romanian Graphics" - Seoul, South Korea

Group exhibition, "22 Masks" – Iorga House, Venice, Italy

Municipal Salon, Bucharest


"Mini Print International of Cadaqués" - competition organized by ADOGI, Spain

“3rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Graphics, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

National Engraving Salon, Art Museum, Tulcea

International Visual Arts Fair - Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest

"Iosif Iser" International Engraving Biennial, Art Museum, Ploieşti

Municipal Salon, Bucharest

Salons of Moldova, Bacău


"Mini Print International of Cadaqués" - competition organized by ADOGI, Spain

"Kisgrafika 1998" - Ex Libris, Budapest, Hungary

National Engraving Salon, Art Museum, Tulcea

Municipal Salon, Bucharest

Art Fair - World Trade Center, Bucharest

Salons of Moldova, Bacău (traveling exhibition)


International Triennial of Young Talents - Charleroi, Belgium

International Graphic Triennial Krakow'97, Poland

"Mini Print International of Cadaqués" - competition organized by ADOGI, Spain

“The 19th International Independent Exhibition of Prints”, Kanagawa, Japan

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International Triennial of Graphics - Bitola, Macedonia

National Graphics Salon, 3/4 T.N. Gallery, Bucharest

Municipal Salon, Bucharest


“The 18th International Independent Exhibition of Prints”, Kanagawa, Japan

National Graphics Salon, 3/4 T.N. Gallery, Bucharest

"Iosif Iser" International Engraving Biennial, Art Museum, Ploiesti

Salons of Moldova, Bacău


Third International Graphic Biennial - Belgrade


Group exhibition organized on the occasion of the anniversary of Radio - Casa Radio (Radio House), Bucharest

Exhibition "From Object to Engraving" - Podul Gallery, Bucharest

National Graphic Salon, Bucharest - 1992 and 1993 editions

"Youth Salon" - Bucharest - 1990; 1992 and 1993 editions


2009 Award offered by Hellenic Bank, Cyprus for Workshop at the Hambis Engraving Museum - Summer Courses

1999 Prize of the Foundation “St. Luca”, National Fine Arts Competition, Bârlad

1997 Curentul Newspaper Award - "Young Dominus" Contest, Dominus Gallery, Bucharest

1995 Prize for lithography in the "Young Dominus" contest, Bucharest - Dominus TN Gallery

2001-2002 Klara Tamas Foundation Scholarship - New York