Paul Stefan Barbu

Critical References


Born in 1986 in Romania, Paul Barbu has been interested in artistic expression since childhood. He has always loved to draw, to create objects from different materials, to take photos, and to think about innovative ways in which he could use otherwise ordinary objects to create something unexpected. Paul studied maths and computer science in high-school, but when he enrolled in university, it seemed natural to combine his love of arts with his interest in science, by choosing Architecture School.
Paul has been studying and working with forms, proportions, light, and structure for the past ten years. His architecture training instilled in him a certain discipline of proportions and his eye has been trained to see mathematical relations between objects. As an Architecture student, he became acquainted with the works of Carlo Scarpa, Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava and Alvaro Siza.
While working as an architect, Paul observed that functionality and practicality dominated most of the projects he was assigned to, while the aesthetic side was often disregarded or kept to a minimum level. At one point, he felt restricted by this rigid approach and decided to explore more creative ways of expressing his ideas. However, he greatly values this phase of his professional development because the practice of architecture made him ponder on issues relating to the use of space or the way in which the choice of material can impact a project. It also gave him a sense of the intimate structure of everything that has a form. The insights he gained as an architect inform the way he organises his projects as an artist.

Although Paul has role models who contribute to his artistic evolution, he tries not to dwell too much on their work, as he strives to find his own unique voice. He finds inspiration in everyday life, by paying attention to objects and places, interacting with people, and feeding his visual curiosity constantly.


Born in 1986, Craiova, Romania

2017-2019 Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Kingston University, London, UK
2014-2017 National University of Arts of Bucharest, Romania
2004-2010 National University of Architecture of Bucharest, Romania

Group exhibitions
2019 One grain , Artworks Gallery, Cambridge, UK
2019 Which work from whom, Stanley Picker Gallery, London, UK
2019 How to grow up in 15 minutes , Romanian Cultural Center, London, UK
2018 Meanwhile , Kingston University, London, UK
2018 How can a duck be a publication , Kingston University, London, UK
2017 Diploma Exhibition , National Library of Romania, Bucharest, Romania
2017 Fusion Art , Noblesse Palace, Bucharest, Romania
2016 Mirror , Căminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania

Personal exhibitions
2021 In the room with dead acoustics, ritual is a matter of fuzzy logic , Strata Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2019 Absolutely elsewhere; absolutely right here , Kingston University, London, UK

2019 VAO visual art open - selected in the final stage

Publications in the specialized media
December/November 2019 - WotisArt stores, London, UK
November 2019 - AvarageArt magazine, London, UK
November 2019 - A5 magazine, London, UK
No.7 - Murze magazine, London, UK