Paul Hitter



Born on 14.12. 1982 in Bucharest

Education: 1989-1993 Elementary school
1993-2001 Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts
Diploma thesis, Graphic designer with secondary education
2001-2002 ”Luceafarul” Art Academy
2002-2003 Theological Institute Bucharest class of church painting
2003-2004 Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest, pedagogical module, class of Professor Parghel
2004-2006 Munich Academy of Art, class of Nikolaus Lang
2006-2007 Munich Academy of Art, class of Sean Scully
2007-2011 Munich Academy of Art class of Karin Kneffel
Diploma at the Munich Art Academy


2005 Solo exhibition Münchener Feierwerk
2006 Solo exhibition Blood Sweat and Tears Paintings, Cafe USW München
2007 Group exhibition Jahresaustellung München, Munich Art Academy
2008 Solo exhibition as part of World Lefties Day, Giesinger Bahnhof München
2008 Group exhibition Jahresaustellung München, Munich Art Academy
2009 Solo exhibition 'Leidenschaft' in Kunst Haus Schramm Gallery of Starnberg
2009 Solo exhibition in the Living Room Show gallery, Munich
2009 Group exhibition Jahresaustellung München, Munich Art Academy
2009 Work auctioned and sold at the Munich Art Academy Auction
2010 Solo exhibition Exil- Bucharest, Romanian Peasant Club
2010 Group exhibition Jahresaustellung München, Munich Art Academy
2010 Solo exhibition Exil goes Italy, Milan, La Schigera
2010 Concert poster for Gogol Bordello band
2011 Diploma Exhibition, Munich Academy of Art
2011 Solo exhibition with Taraful Haiducilor, Atelierul de productie, Bucharest, Romania
2011 Group Exhibition, Figure in Figure Out, Bucharest, Romania
2011 Solo exhibition at Latcho Divano Festival, Les Varietes, Marseille, France
2011 Solo exhibition at Balkanic Twist Festival, Bucharest Romania
2011 Concert poster for Gogol Bordello band
2011 Solo exhibition at the Balkanic Festival! Bucharest, Romania
2012 Solo exhibition-Folk- Gallery Patrizia Zewe, Munich, Germany
2012 T-shirt graphics and graphics for the Radio Hutz Summer Tour of Gogol Bordello band
2012 Group exhibition-Cranium- Bucharest, Romania
2012 PAF group exhibition. Atelierul de print, Bucharest Romania
2012 Solo exhibition Kunsthaus Schramm, Starnberg, Germany
2012 Solo exhibition La kumpania festival, Ariege, France
2013 Solo exhibition Urban Drawings, Dianei 4, Bucharest, Romania
2013 Co-producer of the documentary film Exile with and about Paul Hitter
2013 May Exhibition Paris-Rona Hartner Concert
2013 October Exhibition in Prague National Theatre
2014 March Exhibition Artxpert Gallery Bucharest
2014 May Gogol Bordello Exhibition Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
2014 May Exhibition House of Blues Los Angeles
2014 June Exhibition Paul Hitter-Marina Obradovic Artxpert Gallery Bucharest
2014 October Exhibition Artxpert Gallery Bucharest
2015 January Exhibition Salt Lake City USA
2015 January Exhibition Artxpert Pasadena USA
2015 April Exhibition Artxpert Bucharest
2015 April Exhibition Latcho Divano Festival Marseille
2015 June Exhibition Paul Hitter-Serena Raggi Artxpert Bucharest
2015 June 5 years of Balkan Expressionism MTR Bucharest
2015 September Exhibition Paul Hitter Balkanic! Bucharest Festival
2015 December Exhibition Paul Hitter Social Drawings, Simplu Gallery Bucharest
May 2016 Exhibition La Tiganci, Paul Hitter Gallery Bucharest
September 2016 Exhibition "Nigel's Dream" Kube Musette Bucharest, project developed with Eugen Raportoru
May 2017, Solo Exhibition Romanian Pantheon, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest
October 2017 Exhibition ”Nuantele Abisului” (”Nuances of the Abyss”)- Pitesti Memorial
November 2017 Exhibition ”Nuantele Abisului” Fagaras Fortress
December 2017 Exhibition Nuantele Abisului Sighet Memorial
December 2018 Group exhibition "Metamorphoses" National Library Bucharest
November 2019 Solo exhibition "Caragiale's World", Casa Caragiale, Bucharest
June 2021 Exhibition Paul Hitter - Rome, Hilton Athenee Palace, Bucharest
August 2021 Exhibition Paul Hitter - Rome, Museum of History and Archaeology, Constanta

2010 Design Poster Gogol Bordello band
2011 Design Poster Gogol Bordello band
2012 T-shirt design Gogol Bordello band
2012 Logo for Rromani Music Awards Belgrade Serbia
2014 CD cover Rona Hartner
2014 CD cover Koza Mostra band Greece
2016 CD cover Fanfara Ciocarlia band

TV and Press appearances:
2010 TVR Cultural news
2011 ”Tataia” magazine article
2011 ”Vice” magazine article
2011 ”Ziarul Financiar” article
2011 ”Süd-Deutsche Zeitung” article
2011 TF3 France reportage
2012 ”Be where” magazine article
2012 Munich TV reportage
2013-2016- countless appearances in the press, including: Sundance Festival Salt Lake City interview, TF2 France, Drumul Lui Lese Tvr2, Observator Antena 1, TVR1 interview, Flacara Magazine interview.