Monica Stanescu

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Most Precious, a bold and at the same time delicate brand, was born from my passion as a designer for contemporary jewelry.
Monica Stănescu attended N. Tonitza High School of Fine Arts and later studied Visual / Graphic Communication and Design at the University of Düsseldorf / Germany.
After more than 10 years as Art Director in advertising, she felt the need to express herself creatively in an area completely new to her. Always fascinated by jewelry, the choice was an easy one and so in 2013 she attended the courses of the contemporary jewelry school Assamblage. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions and profile fairs: Author, Project A, Made in Ro, Joya Barcelona 2016, Sieraad Amserdam 2017.
Most Precious jewelry has concepts related to life, sometimes seen in depth, sometimes taken as it is with good and bad.
"Life inspires me, a word in a conversation can trigger an idea, a smell, or a sound can make me think of the next collection. I don't know exactly how it works, but I know that jewelry is always on my mind. "