Mirela Hagiu

Mirela Hagiu

Critical References

The science through which the artist wields pastel is impressive: virtually, I've never seen a happier combination between the painting  technique and watercolor, transposed in pastels. What at first seems extremely simple that you cannot help but think that this is something you can do it yourself, it turns out to be an act of complex culture which includes the mastery of linear and color perspective, the theory of color contrasts and the accuracy required by the pastel technique. Line, spot and color form an indestructible trinity up here, keeping its identity. ... And if Mirela Hagiu not has not learned or has not been confirmed yet, we, the witnesses in the shadow of these landscapes, will do it today: it is good to know that there are such artists, laden with the glory of a past that values civilization of the eye.- Ion Lazar, University Professor, Painter.


DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: 15 august 1963, Bucharest, Romania.

1978-81 „Nicolae Tonitza”Lyceum, Bucharest
1981-85 „Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Arts Institute, Bucharest, Class of professor Octav Grigorescu.

1990 Member of UAP of Romania


1991    Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

1994    Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

1995    Art Home Gallery Bucharest

2003    Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2004    The Romanian Cultural Institute, Vienna, Austria

2005    VIC Art-Club Gallery, ONU, Vienna, Austria

2009    IREXON Gallery, Bucharest

2012    Frezia Gallery, Dej

2014    En Beauregard Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland


1984    „Experiment” Gallery Kalinderu, Bucharest

1986    „Painting, Sculpture and Print Salon”, Bucharest

1987    „Portrait”, Art Home Gallery, Bucharest

1988    „The Republican Graphic Salon”, Bucharest

1989    The Republican Graphic Salon, Bucharest

1990    The Republican Youth Exhibition, Bucharest

„Romania Greets Europe”, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland

1991    Drawing and Printmaking Exhibition, Bridge Gallery, Bucharest

„Drawings and Etching”, Gijzenrooi Art Gallery, Holland

1992    Youth Salon, National Theatre, Bucharest

„Drawing A-Z”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

”Drawing-Print” Exhibition at the Odeon Theatre, Bucharest

1993    „The Contest of Young Painters and Printers”, Dominus Z-Art Gallery,

„Flowers” Dominus Gallery, Bucharest

National Youth Exhibition, National Theatre of Bucharesti

1994    „Flowers in Contemporary Romanian Graphics”, Dominus Z-Art

Printmaking Exhibition, Bridge Gallery, Bucharest

Contemporary Graphics Exhibition, Iasi, Galati, Brasov

Painting, Sculpture, Graphic, and Decorative Arts, The National Theatre

1995    „Flowers, Painting Exhibition”, Dominus Gallery, Bucharest.

Graphic Salon, the National Theatre, Bucharest

„Drawing Salon”, Arad

„Drawing and Painting”, the Art Museum of Ploiesti

1996    The Exhibition of the Graphic Branch, Bucharest, Simeza Gallery.

Graphics Exhibition, Romanian House of Parliament

1997    „Drawing Exhibition”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest.

Group Exhibition, „Border”, Durham, England.

1998    Group Exhibition, GoldArt Gallery, Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

2000    „Graphics and Painting Exhibition” at the Dominus Art Gallery, Bucharest

Group Exhibition at the GoldArt Gallery, Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

2002    „Graphic Salon”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2003    „ The Exhibition of the Graphic Branch” Bucharest, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2004    „Graphics and Painting”, The Art Gallery of the UAP, Bistrita

2005    „Graphics and Painting”, IRECSON Institute Gallery, Bucharest

Group Exhibition, Baku Art Gallery, Bucharest

2006    Group Exhibition, UAP Gallery, Targu-Mures

„The Old Bucharest”, IRECSON Institute Gallery, Bucharest

2007    „Contemporary Painting and Sculpture”, Mivan Development, Bucharest

2009    Group Exhibition „Connections”, Valcea

„Per aspera ad astra” Exhibition, IRECSON Institute of Bucharest

„Aromanian Culture Days”, the Art Museum of Constanta

„The City. The Mountain. The Sea”- the Synagogue Multicultural Centre of Bistrita

GorjFest Symposium Exhibition, the Art Museum of Targu Jiu.

2010    „The Romanian Artist at Work in Romania”- Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

„The Unconventional Paper Exhibition”, the Charles the 1st Foundation Gallery, Bucharest

„Suvenir de Bucharest”, Elite-Atr Gallery, Bucharest

2011    „The Unconventional Paper Exhibition”, the Charles the 1st Foundation Gallery, Bucharest

Arcus Creation Camp Exhibition, „Gallery in the Stable”, Arcus

„Arts in Bucharest” Exhibition, Simeza Gallery

„A Journey into the World of Images” Exhibition, Ellite ArtClub, Bucharest

„Romanian Graphics 2011”, Art Home Gallery, Bucharest, Iasi

2012    „Eclectic 1000: a parti pris”, Lowendal Foundation, Bucharest

Painting Symposium –Arcus Culture Center, Covasna county

„Romanian Graphics 2012”, Art Home Gallery, Bucharest

„Winter Souvenir”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest

„Winter in Painting, Graphics and Icons”, IREXON Gallery, Bucharest

„ Ion Andreescu Biennale” in Buzau.

2013    „In memoriam- Traian Bradean”, EliteProfArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Fronius Art 2013” The Ironsmiths’ Tower Exhibition, Sighisoara.

„Watercolor Salon”-Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.

„Portraits and Landscapes in the Apuseni Mountains”, Albac, Alba county

„Reasons” Arts Salon, The Romanian Parliament Palace, Bucharest

ARTS IN BUCHAREST, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.

Printmaking Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

„Romanian Graphics 2013”, Art Home Gallery, Bucharest

2014    „Watercolor Exhibition”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest

„Suvenir de Sibiu” Exhibition - 2014, Sibiu

„Dobrujan Landscapes”, Saint Ioan Casian Monastery, Dobruja

„Maldaresti Plein –Air” Creation Camp Exhibition, the Maldaresti Museum Center, Valcea county

„Romanian Graphics 2014”, Art Home Gallery, Bucharest

„The Unconventional Paper Exhibition”, Bucharest, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant of Bucharest

„ Astra’s Fine Arts Exhibition Salons”, the Astra museum complex, Sibiu

„ Cultural Interferences – creation and restoration at South and North of the Danube”, held by AFAPRR, the National Library of Bucharest

„Windows”, National Painting Salon, Bucharest


1993    Summer Camp, Turnu Severin
1995    Summer Camp, Comarnic, Prahova
2003    Summer Camp, Colibita, Bistrita
„Tradition and Postmodernism”, Valcea
2004    Spring Camp, Eforie Nord
Summer Camp, Eforie Nord
2006    „At the Bavarian Court” Camp in Targu-Mures
2009    The Enescu Museum  and Pro Helvetia Scholarship
The Tescani Cultural Center Camp
The National Painting Symposium –The City.The Mountain. The Sea.-Bistrita
GorjFest-International Camp, Tg. Jiu
2010    The Creation Camp in Tihuta, the Concert Society, Bistrita
2011    The Arcus Creation Camp, Covasna county
2012    The Arcus Creation Camp, Covasna county
2013    The „Fronius Art” Creation Camp, Sighisoara
The National Painting Camp „ Portraits and Landscapes in the Apuseni Mountains”, Albac, Alba county.
2014    The ”Dobrujan Landscapes” International Visual Arts Camp, Saint Ioan Casian Monastery, Dobruja

The “Maldaresti Plein-Air” Creation Camp, Maldaresti Museum Center, Valcea County

2011 the Painting Award, SMB, Bucharest

2005 The Art Gallery of the Foundation, Bucharest-Baku Art Gallery

The Art Museum of Ploiesti
The Art Museum of Constanta
„Casa Simian” Museum in Valcea
The Museum of the Romanian Peasant of Bucharest
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania
The Romanian Parliament
Societe Generale Romania
MobiFon Bucharest

Romania, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Israel, France, Canada, Japan..

1998    „The Brave Prince Charming and the Beautiful Princess”, by Nicolae Cojocaru, Ion Creanga Publishing House, Bucharest
1989    „Below the Blue Sky” by Vasile Preda, Ion Creanga Publishing House, Bucharest
1994    „The Charmed Swan – Swedish Tales” by Dorin Iancu, the Junior Club Publishing House