Maria Filipescu

Green necklace on non-oxidized chain-jewelry-maria-filipescu

Critical References

Maria Filipescu’s universe presents a world of contrasts: either pieces with minimalist design, with clean lines, or statement accessories with unique textures, intricate compositions and spectacular details. There are experiments that combine divergent materials to highlight each other and enhance their plasticity. Polished brass in contrast to pearls and lace, oxidised silver in contrast to perfect stones, textures and unusual materials are Maria Filipescu's signature. Every one of her pieces bears significance, it is the materialisation of an innermost vibration and she creates an intimate relationship with the bearer". - Andra Ilias



2014-2016 - Participation - Inhorgenta - Munich, Tranoi - Paris

2013 - "Vogue" Personal Exhibition - Zurich - Switzerland

2012 - "Inorganic" Personal Exhibition - Moir Concept Design

2011 - "Bounds" Personal Exhibition - Shades Lounge

2010 - Participation to "Previews", "Soirée de la Mode", Pasarela - Bucharest

2010 - "Literalis" Personal Exhibition - L'Armoire Concept Store2010 - Participation to "Prêt-à-Porter"- Paris

2009-2015 - Participation to "Author" 2009 - "Androgyn" Personal Exhibition  - Suzuki Showroom

2008 - "Cronos" Personal Exhibition Montage Gallery

2006 - Creation of accessories in the "Coma" by DS & D - Iasi RFW

2005 - Creation of jewellery in "Metamorphosis" Show 2004 - Fine Art Work Exhibition – TNB

2004 - Participation to "Arts of Fire"

2002-2003 - Collaboration with "Catharsis" theatre band (scenography/costumes/accessories)- "Titanic Vals", "O Scrisoare Pierduta"

2002-2003 - Participation to "Morpho" Fine Art Salon , 1st and 2nd Editions

2000 - Creative Couture Presentation (interpretation of transhumance costume) - "Radio Hall"

2000 - Creative Couture Presentation (transhumance collection) - "Museum of the Romanian Peasant"

1999 - Presentation within the "Eclipasa" Show in Mangalia

1999 - Creative Couture Presentation (interpretation of Renaissance costume) - Mogosoaia Palace

1999 - Creative Couture Presentation (interpretation of Baroque costume) - Hungarian Cultural Centre

1998 - Participation to "Balul Catavencu" with "J de Jilava" collection