Liviu Brezeanu

Liviu Brezeanu

Critical References

Critical text, Gheorghe Vida, Bucharest, January 19th, 1993

"What is required, from the very beginning, for a first touch that can be tactile with these works, mostly carved in wood, is the firmness of the craft, the solidity of the volume architecture, with the intelligent incorporation of the voids, through the trapping and penetration following a  tortuous  route, carefully thought out in advance. We singularize in this respect, in the "Vegetal" cycle, with the pieces blurring the line between the decorative and the phytomorphic, defining, we believe, for its conception of space integration. His  styling, drawing their echoes from Henry Moore, centred on the human figure, singular or double, reflect with the same force a coherent, balanced thought in terms of fine arts, where the detail is never isolated nor seen as a decisive factor in an ensemble that tends to a timeless silence undisturbed by the convulsions of the moment, even when the body is almost reduced to the sign with the more accentuated empowerment of the volume language, purged of superfluous connotations, thus reaching another stage of exploring the expressive possibility.
These are just a few landmarks on an artistic road that we always want to be relative in the ascending line and which deserves to be watched with confidence".




DATE OF BIRTH: March 7th, 1958

PLACE OF BIRTH: Vârfuri, Dâmbovița

EDUCATION: - "Nicolae Grigorescu" Academy of Fine Arts

Bucharest, 1984 series of graduates, Prof. Geta Caragiu

Member of Bucharest U.A.P.  - since 1995


-  U.A.P. Gallery - Târgovişte

- Galatea - Bucharest

- The House of Art - Bucharest

- G.A.M.B.- Bucharest

- G.A.M.B.- Bucharest

- G.A.M.B.- Bucharest

- Orizont - Bucharest

- The House of Art - Bucharest

2005 - Simeza - Bucharest

2009 - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies - "Rhythms"

2017 - Bucharest National Military Circle - "Sculpture and Pastel"


1984 - Municipal Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture - Dalles Galleries - Bucharest

1985 - Small Sculpture Exhibition - Dalles Galleries - Bucharest

1986 - Fine Arts Exhibition - Buzău

1987 - Inter-County Exhibition - Târgovişte

1988 - "Ghe. Petrașcu" Biennial of Painting and Sculpture - Târgoviște

1989 - The Arts Fair - Bucharest

1989 - Republican Youth Exhibition - Bucharest

1991 - County Exhibition - Târgovişte

1992 - County Exhibition - Târgovişte

1995 - Gh. Tătărescu Tribute - Bucharest, Special Prize of the Jury

1996 - The House of Art - Bucharest

1997 - Bucharest Municipality Art Gallery (G.A.M.B).

1998 - Bucharest Municipality Art Gallery (G.A.M.B).

1999 - Ministry of the Interior - Bucharest

2000 - Alba Gallery - Târgovişte

2004 - Orizont - Bucharest

2005 - Sever Gallery Winter Biennial - Târgoviște

2006 - Simeza - Bucharest

2014 - Orizont Galleries - Bucharest, Exhibition of Tapestry, Pastel and Sculpture


1985 - Buşani - Dâmboviţa, stone

1986 - Covasna, WOOD-STONE

1987 - Sângeorz Băi-Bistriţa Năsăud, marble

1990 - Oarba de Mureş - Mureş County Mures, stone

1991 - Pucioasa, Dâmboviţa, stone symposium

1992 - Pucioasa, Dâmbovița, stone (organizer)

1993 - Pucioasa, Dâmbovița, stone (organizer)

1995 - Pucioasa, Dâmbovița, painting (organizer)

1996 - Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa, painting

2011- Pucioasa, Dâmboviţa, wood sculpture, 1st edition (organizer, participant)

2012- Pucioasa, Dâmboviţa, wood sculpture, second edition (organizer, participant)


- Marble Sculpture Symposium, Changchun, China


1998 - Monument of the Heroes, Pucioasa, Dâmboviţa

2002 - Teachers' Monument, Pucioasa, Dâmboviţa

2003 - "Brâncoveanu and Sons" Sculpture Group, Doiceşti, Dâmboviţa

2004 - "The Martyrdom of St. Constantine Brâncoveanu and His Sons", Sculpture Group, collaboration, Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa

2008 - Sculptural Composition - Vistea stone - "Constantin Brancusi Tribute" - K.P.M.G Bucharest

2009 - Bronze Artwork - Monumental Eagle - Monument of the Heroes in Corbii Mari, Dâmboviţa County

2007-2017- Personal Exhibitions at Pucioasa Community Center

2017- Personal Exhibition - Sculpture and Pastel - Liviu BREZEANU - The Palace of the National Military Circle in Bucharest . Works in private collections from: Romania, USA, France, Canada, Luxembourg, England, Lebanon, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Czech Republic, Hungary.