Kira Hagi


Critical References

Romanian artist. Actor. Painter. Volunteer. I studied art at the International
British School of Bucharest (IBSB) and graduated from CIE Advanced Level
Art & Design in 2014, under the guidance of Professor Jane Broadhurst (Head
of Art Department). Also in 2014, I received a scholarship to the New York
Film Academy in Los Angeles and three years later I graduated with a BFA in
Acting for Film. I am attracted to all the creative fields and during my time
overseas, in addition to the roles I got in student projects, I also collaborated
with various departments in the film industry. Currently, I have two projects
on Netflix and I work on a television show, called “Smart is the new cool”.


JOURNEY- IAKI Hotel, Romania 2018
EXPERIMENT DEZRADACINARE - Alexandra’s Gallery, Romania Sep - Oct 2019
SOUND OF SILENCE - GALATECA Gallery , Romania July - August 2021
REFLECTIONS — Entree Des Artistes Gallery, France Sep - Oct 2021
FLORENCE BIENNALE XIII - Eternal Feminine , Italy 23 - 31 Oct 2021
KALEIDOSCOPE Group Exhibition -Kulterra Gallery, Romania
Selecție din ‘EXPERIMENT DEZRADACINARE’ - Muzeul Țăranului Roman, Romania 29 Sept - 9 OCT 2022

CIE Advanced Lever Art & Design
New York Film Academy — BFA Acting For Film, 2014-2017
School of Music Crina Mardare — Vocal: Mezzo/ Mezzo-Soprano 2013