Fluo Webs

Critical References

Two Romanian artists who share the same passion for art, especially for fluorescent string art, a special art form that combines aspects of symmetry with black light and more. The two use threads made of fluorescent textile material, fluorescent nylon and fluorescent silicone, UV reagents joined on hundreds of nails based on wooden boards on which are drawn geometric sketches and mandalas, with accurate and precise measurements.

Florin Stoian explored fluorescent materials for years (from 2014 to the present) more precisely acrylic colours, markers and other types of paint first through drawings and paintings, and one day by a simple and interesting coincidence he discovered in a store a lamp with a black neon that he bought, then he realized what he could create if he used the power of colours combined with the lighting of the lamp. In a few years he would discover what string art means, more precisely in 2017, and over time he wanted to create shapes as complex and original as possible using this technique.

Ioana Craciun has always considered art to be food for the soul and mind. She has been fascinated by fluorescent colours since childhood, seeing for the first time at a festival the type of fluorescent art and string art technique, but she really started working with them when she discovered that she could combine the sketches of the mandalas she created with string art and fluorescent threads. She learned the basics of the string art technique when she met her partner and began to love this art form more and more, wanting to do something unique, different from what already existed in string art. She is also passionate about the cosmos, nature and spirituality, the main elements that guide her on the path of her creations. The two realized in time that they form a team of creators, a team of two artists now called Fluo Webs.

Fluo Webs create fluorescent canvases, with original shapes in which imagination plays a very important role. Over time, the two worked more and more intensely, especially in 2020, when they collected a lot of work and their evolution became more and more visible.
The works are special, unique and very carefully crafted. The energy and light that these works emanate, manage to teleport us to beautiful and magical worlds, depending on the colours, shapes and messages they transmit, that's why they are also called energy portals.
The energy portals contain miles of textile thread and silicone threads, over 20,000 nails fixed in wooden boards, dozens of sketches and precise measurements, a combination of geometry and art, lights and colours that make this exhibition unique in our country.
Fluo Webs consider that string art is an art form that deserves to become more and more known.