Florentina Otari

Critical References

Bachelor(in 2016) and Master of Arts(in 2018) at the University of Bucharest, Romania, the artist Florentina Otari, creates abstract paintings with strictly delimited geometric and minimalist fields of color which inspire a sense of order, stability and contemplative repose.  She lives and creates in Bucharest continuing to show her works in solo shows and group exhibitions.

 I have always been attracted to solutions that embody simplicity as a path towards the quintessence of things.
In my works, embracing the principle of “less is more”, I have found the expression leading to simplification of form and design, getting inspiration from the almost abstract geometric shapes of urban space, from the geometry of its modern architecture.
Straight lines and edges can create images of extreme simplicity.
I have converted and synthesized compositions where repetitive geometric shapes alternate with quiet areas that suggest order and calmness. To the same end, I have used a limited palette of colors or even monochrome. By chiaroscuro, volume and tonal value, I aim to create depth and produce the illusion of space on the two-dimensional canvas.
I would say that my painting is about contemplation – contemplation induced by structures and patterns that create for the visual mind points of interest in the same way a mandala or a yantra creates for a meditating person.
Somehow, my painting aligns with my inner search.
Just as when working with myself I try to get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary, leaving room for clarity of the mind – a necessary condition to achieve the essence –, my paintings are “cleaned up”, simplified, reduced to their fundamental parts, reflecting the belief that beyond the apparent chaos there is order.


Plastic artist

Born in 1961, Bacău, Romania
lives and works in Bucharest

Art studies

2016 - 2018 – Master's Degree - National University of Arts, Bucharest, Painting Department
2013 - 2016 – Bachelor's Degree - National University of Arts, Bucharest, Painting, Department

Solo exhibitions

2021, June 16 – July 25, Silence, Galați Museum of Visual Arts, Romania
2019, December 5 – 16, Dynamic Stillness, 1001 arte Gallery, Bucharest
2018, December 12 – 14,Outside Stillness, 1001 arte Gallery, Bucharest
2018, September 20 -30, Inside Stillness, Multimedia Visual Arts Centre, Bucharest
2018, May 4 – 17, Conversions, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

Group exhibitions

2021, November 20 - December 20, SNAC, Căminul Artei, Bucharest
2020, November 1 – 2021, February 17, Booth 08, online exhibition, Alfa Gallery via Artsy
2020, November 26 - December 20, SNAC, Bucharest, Romania
2020, October 21- November 29, XS online exhibition through Alfa Gallery, Miami, via Artsy,
2020, November 14 – December 14, A formal mis-en scene LeiLei Gallery, Bucharest
2019 – 2021 International exhibition Silk Road, Xian, China
2019, December 4 – 2020, March 27, 3D, Alfa Gallery, Miami, via Artsy
2019, September 25 – June 27 2020, GPS, MARe, Bucharest
2019, September 17 – 30, Inside Stillness CAV, Bucharest
2019, July 4 – October 21, OG Kush, Alfa Gallery Miami via Artsy, on line
2019, June 26 – 27, DANUBE, River as Connector, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2019, May 16 - July 23, International Biennial of Painting, Chișinău
2019, September 17 - 30, Indoor laboratory, Multimedia Art Centre, Bucharest
2018, December 22 - 25, Personal Abstract, 1001 arte Gallery, Bucharest
2018, October 5 – 14, Diploma, Casa Dacia, Bucharest
2018, July 12 – September 20, Salons of Moldova 28th edition, Bacău - Chișinău
2018, May 8 – June 10, Deconstructing the patterns, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Bucharest
2017, October 18 – 22, Diploma Selected travel, at festival “Zain” Cluj Napoca, Romania
2017, September 15 - October 15 – Diploma Selected travel, UniCredit Bank office, Bucharest, Romania
2017, June, Art Safari, Art Pavilion Bucharest
2017, May 20 - 28, Exhibition Capsule – Diploma Selected, selection by Adriana Oprea, critic and curator at the NMCA, Universul Palace, Bucharest
2017, March 3 – 14, Mapping the present, alongside Denisia Călin, George Cristea, Diana Ivan, Marta Ciopașiu, Lucian Hrisav, Alina Ion, and Radu Pandele at VictoriaArt Centre Gallery, Bucharest
2016 -2017, December-January - National Museum of Targoviste, Biennial of Fine Arts "Gheorghe Pătrașcu", Târgoviște, Romania
2016, November - Vizualia Festival, Cluj Student Cultural Centre, Romania
2016, October 6 - 31, Temeiuri National Salon of Arts, 10th edition, Constantin Brâncuși Hall of the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
2016, October 21 - 28 - Diploma Festival, Știrbei Vodă Palace, Bucharest, Romania
2016, September 13 - October 10, Bucharest, Amzei Market Makers, as part of the "Arts in Bucharest" competition, entitled IN-VARIABLE
2016, July - Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2016, June, Layers, with George Cristea, Consuela Diniță, Bianca Salymoși and Elena Voicu at UNA Gallery, at UNArte - Open Days 2016, Bucharest
2016, January 14 - 25, In pursuit of the Present, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2015, May, New Angels of Justice, National Museum of Art, Ploiești, Romania, touring in June at ASE, Bucharest


2018, Nomination Arta la Intrare
2017, Winner Diploma Selected