Diana Iordache

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Critical References

“Designed by Diana Iordache, founder of The Sense of Beauty jewellery gallery, the Heritage collection is like a bridge between past and future: jewellery tells stories passed down from generation to generation, but is brought up to date by modern, versatile design that conquers you straight away." Harper’s Bazaar

After an international marketing carrier in the beauty industry, Diana Iordache gave birth to an old dream that represents her artistic, creative self, and in 2021 launched a jewellery gallery followed by the Heritage collection.

For her, jewellery represents the art to outline the human beauty. It touches the senses and reveals a world full of emotions.

Symbolising continuity, the key element of the Heritage collection, a recycled piece, is reproduced repeatedly in different shapes, enhancing the body with a sense of beauty.

Diana currently lives in the Netherlands, fully dedicated to exploring the beauty of the jewellery world.