Dan Bancila


Critical References

Dan Bancila is, without a doubt, a name with resonance in contemporary decorative art. First of all, through his absolute certainties; failure to share them would constitute a crime of opinion we neither want, nor can commit after seeing and revisiting his works, as always, from precious materials or materials which through the artist’s work can ascend to preciousness: crystal with its pure glimmers and colours, bronze in scours and shapes long sought after; these are the combinations, juxtapositions, insertions and often unpredictable connections between the volumes, sometimes with a figurative inclination, which impels us to identify the proximate gender, but also the specific differences; the effects are searched and obtained through ethereal transparencies, through translucent surfaces which temper them and opacities which close or limit the compositional elements bearing rhythms and meanings.

The titles of his works persist in fitomorphous suggestions – Blossom, Flowers of Life, Autumn Flowers, Black Flowers, the volumes are characterized by phototropism, the polished and rough surfaces are mutually supported and highlightedDoina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and director of the Constant Art Museum.


Born on October 7, 1943, Bucharest.


Graduated from the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest, class of 1969, the class of professors Zoe Baicoianu and I. Popescu


2002 – Personal exhiition,”Apollo Gallery”, Bucharest

1975 – “Simeza” Gallery, Bucharest

1973 – “Galateea” Gallery, Bucharest

1969 – “Kalinderu” Gallery, Bucharest


2012 – “Brancusi Hall” Exhibition of Decorative Art, Parliament, Bucharest

2011 – “Glass Hall” Exhibition, “Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest

2009 – Exhibition in Paris, France

2007 – National Hall of Decorative Arts, Bucharest

2004 – “Fire Arts” Exhibition, 3rd edition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

2003 – Municipal Hall of Decorative Art, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

2001 – Glass Hall, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

1995 – Exhibition in Kanazawa - Japan

1992 – Group Exhibition, “Dominus” Gallery, Bucharest

1987 – International Glass Exhibition, Tokyo - Japan

1984 – “Rosen” Gallery, Amsterdam - Netherlands

1977 – Exhibition in Coburg, Germania, where he obtained the “Coburge-Gloss-Preis” Honourable Diploma

In 2001 he was awarded the National Order of the Faithful Service with the Rank of Commander of Fine Arts”