Costin Neamțu


COSTIN NEAMTU was born on May 4, 1939, in Corni-Liteni, Suceava County.

He graduated from the "Nicolae Grigorescu" Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest, Monumental Painting department, where his professors were Simona Vasiliu, Stefan Szony, Costin Ioanid, Ghita Popescu. He is a member of the Visual Artists’ Union from Romania.

Study and documentation trips: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece.
Exhibitions in the country and abroad: 1968, 1971, 1975, 1979, 1981, 1990, 1995 - Simeza and Bucharest National Theater, floor 3/4; 1998, 2002 - Simeza. The exhibition "Family Painting" with Cela and Lisandru Neamtu at the "Ion Irimescu" Museum, Falticeni, 1995, Botosani Art Museum, 1996, National Military Circle - Bucharest Art Gallery 1997, Galati Museum of Visual Arts 1998, Iasi Palace of Culture 1999.

Personal exhibitions in Romania: in 1983, in Suceava, Falticeni, Botosani, Campulung Moldovenesc (with a donation of 28 works for the Neuropsychiatric Hospital and for the Doctor Sandu Avasilicai collection), Iasi (Cupola), Bacau, Barlad, Vaslui, Ramnicu Valcea ; 2002, Bucharest; 2004, Dej; 2005, Iasi (Palace of Culture); 2006, Apollo Gallery; 2006, Constanta Art Museum, Bucharest Art Museum.

Group exhibitions abroad: 1970, Moscow, 1979, Berlin, 1992, Seoul; 1994, Beirut; 1994 and 1996, Chisinau; 1996, Czech Republic; 2002, Europastel; 2003, Orbis Pictus Europa, Czech Republic; 2004, Nowy Sacz International Pastel Exhibition, Poland; 2007, Madrid.
Personal exhibitions abroad: Soissons, France, 1992; Lefkada, Greece 1993. Cycles of works in the technique of pastel, collage and oil: "Dolls", "Recoveries", "Suggestions", "Synergies".

Awards: 1980, Voronetiana, Suceava; 2005, "Lascar Vorel" Award, Piatra Neamt.

He is mentioned in: "Who's Who" (Lausanne, 1994, 1995), with specimen of signature; “Who’s Who Romania” (2002); "Ipotesti Topos Eminescian", authors Valentin Ciuca and Constantin Prut, Geea Publishing House, Iasi, 2002; "Modern and contemporary Romanian art", author Vasile Florea, 1992; "Idea and sensitivity" by Dan Grigorescu, 1991; "Art in Bucovina", author Emil Satco, 1984; "Encyclopedia of contemporary Romanian artists", vol. I, 1996 and vol. V, 2003, album COSTIN NEAMTU - VISUAL EPHEMERAL, ART XXI Publishing House, 2010.

Works in collections and art museums: "Vasile Parvan" Museum in Barlad; Bucharest Art Museum, Bucharest Municipality Museum, Bruckental Museum, Sibiu, Suceava Art Museum, Comanesti Art Museum, Bacau, Iasi Art Museum, Tulcea Art Museum, Falticeni Art Museum, Botosani Art Museum, Galati Visual Arts Museum, Constanta Art Museum.

Works in private collections from Romania, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Austria, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, USA, France.