Bogdana Contras

Bogdana Contras

Critical References

Bogdana CONTRAS was born in 1977, in Bucharest, Romania. In 2000, she graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest from Prof. Vladimir Zamfirescu’s class, and in 2005 she finished the Postgraduate studies of the same university in Prof. Marin Gherasim’s class. Since 2001, she has been a member of the Viasual Artists’ Union of Romania (UAP). Her paintings can be found at the National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest, the Târgoviște Art Museum and in private collections in Germany, France, Austria and Romania.

"The characters of Bogdana Contraș are patronized by some sort of timelessness with references to the metaphysical register. How she cuts reality and fragments nature, leads the viewer to an imaginary land, specific to the artist, a land populated with characters and objects-characters typical of the fairy tale world and the fantastic setting. The window of Bogdana Contraș's painting is actually a passage to a fairytale world, a space that we infer, that is familiar to all of us, a space that belongs to the collective imagination, we all have in us, though we have only crossed in our minds, imaginary.” (Ana Maria Negoiță, art critic, 2015)

"Bogdana Contras never ceases to surprise with her painting; she is always different and always the same. Chromatic passages of optimistic freshness recede, like curtains, in front of a majestic design, just when the dice seem to be thrown in that direction. The balance between subject and representation, between line and color, and also between hatch and detail creates a state of reverie that excludes any form of calculation from the act of reception. Such works are regarded with the soul, not with the eyes; and by no means with the mind." (Mihai Plamadeala, art critic, 2013)

"The matter itself is at the heart of Bogdana Contraş's investigations. Hence, the visible differences in the treatment of the shapes and surfaces that define her compositions. The touches mastered by the artist, with an enviable naturalness build densities, suggest fragility and last but not least, force the revelation of transparencies of extreme delicacy. Bogdana Contraş's painting draws attention by fixing on the canvas some metamorphoses in "Genesis Nests", "Fire", works in which the artist manages to process the pictorial matter with knowledge and delicacy.

The works made by the painter during a span of 4 years, do not lose sight of the relations between paste-dilution, density-watercolor, graphics obtained by adding color or by scratching. Certainly, all these aspects relate to the technique that Bogdana Contraş masterfully masters, but beyond it, there is the feeling that requires at least at this moment strong colors and bold associations. The subject of the painter occupies the whole canvas. The moments of rest occur rarely, as the artist never feels the need for a break, a warm area, a buffer to the viewer. Even the most remote areas of the canvas are treated with a meticulous artistic interest. "(Roxana Păsculescu, art critic, 2007)" We speak about a relationship with the past and with the present, at the same time. In the field of image, she manages to investigate a series of figurative elements and not only, in relation to an illustrious past of the art history; I would mention here the Etruscan art, for example, through these semi-sculptural and fresco-like reliefs she manages to bring to the picture on these fragile supports and yet to combine very difficult techniques. "(Gheorghe Vida, art critic , 2004)


Awards and Grants:

  • 2006 – KulturKontakte Grant at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria
  • 1998 – 3rd Place Award – Competition Exhibition “Accente & Amprente”, Bucharest

Personal exhibitions:

  • 2015 - Fairy Tales - Vasile Grigore Art Museum, Bucharest
  • 2008 and 2009 – Goldart Gallery - Hilton, Bucharest
  • 2006 Urme de vis (Traces of dreams), Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, Germany
  • 2004 Relaționări (Relationships) – Galateea Gallery, Bucharest
  • Iubite ființe (Beloved beings)– Arcadia Gallery, Lower Danube Museum, Călărași

Participation in Artist Residency Programs and symposiums:

  • 2014 – Iasi, Romania; 2011 – Briare, France; 2007 and 2009 – The European Bridges, Eforie Sud; 2008 - OpenArt Residency, Eretria, Greece; 2007 - Balchik, Bulgaria; 2006 and 2010 - Patras, Greece

Collective exhibitions (selection):

  • 2018 – National Art Exhibition Centenary 2018, National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest

o    Itinerariu Stilistic (Stylistic Itinerary), Căminul Artei (Home of Art) Gallery, Bucharest

o    Tendenze visive dopo postmodernismo, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Pisa, Italy

  • 2017 – Retrospective of Contemporary Romanian Painting Paris - Bucharest - Bucharest, Constantin Brâncuși Hall - Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest
  • 2016 – Ipostaze Medievale (Medieval hypostases), National Library of Romania, Bucharest
  • 2015 - Add to Address Book, Museum of Young Art Vienna (MOYA), Austria

o    Soleil de l’Est – twenty years of activity, Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest

  • 2014 - Mystic Ciric, Danaart Gallery, Bucharest

o    Art Safari, Art Pavilion Bucharest

  • 2013 – 3 x Contras, Mogoșoaia Palace
  • 2012 – Cetate. Atelier la Dunăre V (Workshop by the Danube), 418 Gallery, Bucharest

Chateau de Trousse-Barriere, Briare, France

  • 2011 –Thuillier Gallery, Paris, France

o    Mario Vargas Llosa. Posibila ilustratie de carte (Possible book illustration), Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest

o    Cum a fost posibil (How it was possible), Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest

  • 2009 – Angelic Touch, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest
  • 2007 – The European Bridges, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu Let’s talk about migration, The Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2006 – Confesiuni pentru continuitate (Confessions for continuity), with Aurel Contras, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
  • 2004 – Salonul de Primavara (Spring Salon), Mogoșoaia Palaces
  • 2002 – The International Fair of Visual Arts, National Theatre Bucharest
  • 2001 –"Millenium" Municipal Hall, Bucharest Dalles Hall, Bucharest
  • 2000 – Qeenta, The National Museum of the Romanian Literature, Bucharest


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