Aurel Contras

Aurel Contras

Critical References

Seen as a whole, as an ample and diverse construction with a coherent development in space and time, Aurel Contras’ work skims on the edge of existence, of being, of delivery from earth, from an indifferent and amorphous structure of expressive and instant growth, while in the end, the elemental creation made of earth, stone, wood and bronze is able to gain a self-awareness and seek the reasons to be, propelling its memory and setting goals, and especially, while looking up towards the heavens, trying to find in itself a grain of divinity, the only one capable of justifying the absolute greatness of matter and of delivering it from its daily precariousness. - Pavel Susara, art critic.


Born: June 12, 1938 in Catelul Romanesc, Salaj county


1973 — Ion Andreescu Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture section, Cluj; class of Prof. Mircea Spataru


since 1980 — Member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists (UAP), Sculpture section

After 1974 he took part in annual municipal and county salon exhibitions and national sculpture biennials.

International Exhibitions

1977 — Iran; 1981 — Belgrade, Yugoslavia; 1984 — Paris, France; 1983, 1985, 1987, 1988 — Ravenna, Italia

Personal Exhibitions

1986 —Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest; 1988, 2000, 2010 — Ioan Sima Gallery, Zalau, Salaj county; 1989 — UAP Gallery, Sibiu; 1998 — Simeza Gallery, Bucharest; 1999 — Constanta Museum of Art; 2010 — ICR Gallery, Bucharest; 2011 — Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu

Group Exhibitions

2001, 2003 — Apollo Gallery, Bucharest; 2003 — Art Gallery, Slobozia, Ilfov county; 2011 — UAP Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

Works in Museum Collections

within the country — Alba-Iulia, Botosani, Zalau, Arad; abroad — France, USA, Germany

Sculpture Camps

1980 — Magura Buzaului, Buzau county; 1985 — Zalau, Salaj county; 1996 — Oarba de Mures, Mures county; 2001 — Pavlikeni, Bulgaria; 2003 — “Brancusiana”, Targu Jiu, Gorj county

Monumental Art Works

1981 — “Simion Barnutiu” (bronze bust), Simleul Silvaniei, Salaj county; 1985 — “Gheorghe Sincai” (stone bust), Zalau, Salaj county; 1988 — “Vasile Goldis” (bronze bust), Alba-Iulia, Alba county; 2002 — “Veronica Micle” (bronze bust), Nasaud, Bistrita-Nasaud county; 2006 — “Mihai Eminescu” (bronze bust), Windsor, Canada; 2007 — Ambient Work (bronze), Carol Parc Hotel, Bucharest

Awards, Diplomas

1988 — 2nd Prize / Silver Medal, Ravenna, Italia; 1999 — selected by The Millennium Art Collection for the international project “2000 Reasons to Love Earth”, Netherlands; 2001 — “Honorary Citizen of the Town of  Zalau” Diploma, awarded for artistic activity; 2008 — 1st Prize, “Brancusiana”, Targu  Jiu, Gorj county

Contests for Monuments

1977 — “Independence” (replica), Bucharest; 2001 — 4th Place, “Mihai Viteazul” (equestrian replica), Targoviste, Dambovita county

Published Reviews and Articles (selection)

1986 — Paul Petrescu, “Arta”, no. 3; Corneliu Antim, “Curentul Cultural”; 1998 — Veronica Marinescu, “Curierul national”, Gabriela Hurezean, “Jurnalul national” and Cristina Anghelescu, “Info Art”, no. 20–29; 2000 — Aurelia Mocanu, “Cultural”, no. 10; 2003 — Catalogue, Exhibition “Contemporary Romanian Sculptors” (Apollo Gallery, Bucharest)