Arina Bican

Critical References


The history of fine arts does not abound in works in which the image of the eye is a highly sought after subject for its content of ideas and meanings, except for some more avant-garde artistic currents, which more frequently exploited its visual potential. In parallel with Christian art and even long before Christianity, the eye can be found as an image in the art of many peoples, ancient Egypt having - through the hieroglyphic writing system - a reputation for the density of representations. In ancient times, the eye often appeared as a symbol of the sun god. The "divine eye" of the Egyptians, a hieroglyphic sign.
In Tuculescu's painting, the eye, which is considered the most expressive part of the human face, becomes for him a symbolic-fantastic and pictorial leitmotif, in a totally personal vision. The most important works of this kind are: "The eyes of the demiurge", "The travelling eyes". Looking as a means of communicating feelings, thoughts, moods would not have the same meaning in the absence of eyes, it is the result of connections between brain and heart, modulated by the nature and education of each individual.
The eyes in my works represent different perceptions of the individual from several perspectives. The eyes represent sensors with which we collect data that we process and transform into different information. Through the eyes, I wanted to draw attention to the channel for social communication achieved through the exchange of views.



Exhibitions and projects

Personal exhibitions

August 27 - October 1, Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery, ”Under the Sign of Change - Emotions and feelings”

June 3 - June 12, Pal Gallery, Miercurea-Ciuc, “Art Debut 2014”

Group exhibitions

May 9, Online Exhibition "ShortCircuit" / ALIAJ - Bucharest's Artist Run Spaces Alliance

March 1-31: Beyond Other Horizons at the Iasi Art Museum, Palace of Culture, Romania,

5.11 - 14.11, Bucharest Painting Salon;
27.09- 6.10, Bucharest Art Pavilion - Art Safari;

30.09- 30.10, ATELIER 030202,
“Cosmic Scenery” NAG#10 event ;
July 8 - ICR Lisbon headquarters, exhibition "Blouse Roumaine, Femme roumaine"

January 15 - 28, UAP Ploieşti Art Gallery, "Contemporary Attitudes" National Salon of Fine Arts;
April 24, Tehran Street, “Homo Ludens”, NAG # 9 event;

November 13 - December 10, Orizont Gallery, "Windows" National Painting Salon, 2nd edition;
May 9 participation in Europe Day with the European Parliament as a visual artist;

28.05 - 09.06 “Mural Art”, Visual Arts Center;

5.05 - 1.07 “Plant Art” - Exhibition of plastic and decorative art at the Botanical Garden.


Bucharest National University of Arts
MA programme specialized in Mural Art
September 2013 - July 2015

Bucharest National University of Arts
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, licensed in visual arts, specialized in Mural Art
September 2010 - July 2013

"Nicolae Tonitza" High School of Fine Arts
September 2006 - June 2010

Professional experience
Coordinator of the plastic and decorative arts course - Bufnița din Tei,
Sept. 2016 – present

Painting course coordinator / Primus school camp January 2013 – present

Painting course coordinator / Constantin Brîncuși School, no.174 January 2012 - June 2015

Member of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania (UAPR), Painting Branch, Bucharest since January 2015

[email protected]