Ana Stefania Andronic


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Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU) is a visual artist with a background in graphic arts, who graduated from the National Art University in Bucharest in 2004, Graphic Arts section, having Mircia Dumitrescu as her supervising professor. A member of the Romanian Plastic Artists' Union since 2014, Ana Ștefania Andronic is also the Founder of Galeria Fără Nume ("The Nameless Gallery") and the Artistic Director of the Senso Gallery in Bucharest.
Her artistic practice is complex, and comprises animation, illustration, digital art, painting, graphics and graphic installation. She carries out an intense exhibitional activity, which includes, together with several personal and group exhibitions, participations featuring personal artworks and exhibitions in local and international biennials, fairs and art salons, of which these are the most relevant ones: The "Gheorghe Petraşcu” Plastic Arts Biennial (Târgoviște, 2010), the "Meeting Point" International Art Biennial (Arad, 2011, 2019), the "Ion Andreescu" International Art Biennial (Buzău, 2013), Contemporary Art Ruhr (Essen, 2014, 2015), "Temeiuri" ("Grounds") at the Constantin Brâncuși Hall of the Palace of Parliament (Bucharest, 2014, 2015), Paper Positions (Basel, 2018), Grafica Românească (Romanian Graphics) (Bucharest, 2018, 2019) and Art Safari (Bucharest, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021).
Of her personal exhibitions which took place in galleries and exhibition centers in Romania and abroad, these are the most eloquent: ATITUDINI (ATTITUDES) - the Constantin Brâncuși Hall of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest (2011), ATITUDINI II (ATTITUDES II) - Helios Gallery in Timișoara (2012), Another Language - Chrom Gallery in Bochum, Germany (2013), Another Language (Plus) - the Symposium Hall of the Romanian National Library in Bucharest (2013), The Woman’s Way - Imbold Gallery in Bucharest (2013), Percepții - Cărturești Verona bookstore in Bucharest (2017), #Fastfood, Fast Wound - Five Plus Gallery in Vienna, Austria (2018), #motion blur - Constanța Art Museum (2018), Ipostaze Tulburătoare (Unsettling Stances) - Senso Gallery in Bucharest (2021) and On the Top of my Lungs - Senso Gallery in Bucharest (2021).
Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU) is also a constant presence - be it as an artist or as a host - during the White Night of the Art Galleries event (Sibiu, 2013, Bucharest, 2013, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

"The artistic universe of Ana Ștefania Andronic (Buzu) includes fascinating characters, some of which find themselves in unsettling stances, such as those referred to by the late art critic and historian Doina Păuleanu, in what may have been one of her last exhibitional texts, conceived for BUZU's personal exhibition, which took place at the beginning of this year at the Senso Gallery. Although up till now her works have been mostly populated by imaginary beings, in her exhibition entitled "On the Top of my Lungs" presented during NAG 2021, BUZU comes forth with an extremely personal approach and a series of portraits inspired by real-life people, patients suffering from lung diseases, which she had the occasion to meet following a post-Covid experience at a hospital in Bucharest. The medical stories are woven into the portraiture of this exhibition selection, in a chromatic and graphic style that is typical of BUZU's artistic practice, inspired by her father's famous "Andographies" (caricatures and comic drawings), by comic books, video gaming and lowbrow art."
(Ana Daniela Sultana, curator) – Bucharest, 2021

Ana Ștefania Andronic (BUZU) tackles a wide variety of themes, but at the heart of her artistic interests we always find the portrait, regardless of the manner of artistic expression which she makes recourse to.
When she chooses to explore a particular topic exhaustively, everything is developed in broad series, conceiving itineraries for her personal exhibitions, in order to present the evolution and progress throughout time. This applies also to her personal exhibitions ATITUDINI (ATTITUDES) - with the vernissage taking place first in Bucharest (2011), and afterwards in Timișoara (2012), Another Language - with the vernissage taking place first in Bochum (2013), then in Bucharest (2013) or #Fastfood - with the first vernissage in Vienna (2018), and the second one in Basel (2018). Following this pattern, Ana Ștefania Andronic's exhibition at the DANA Gallery in Iași brings together a part of the "On the Top of my Lungs" series displayed during NAG 2021, at the Senso Gallery in Bucharest, as well as new works of art of the same theme and style registry. "On the Top of My Lungs" is the most recent artistic testimonial by Ana Ștefania Andronic, and, at the same time, the most impressive thanks to its honesty and the maturity she displays in relation to her characters, even more so as certain events of her internal biography manifest a considerable influence on this attitude. The bereavement from two loved and important people in her life - Octavian Andronic and Doina Păuleanu - who, nevertheless, represented major losses for the entire Romanian artistic community - marks a new stage in art and life, in which Ana Ștefania Andronic finds both acceptance, as well as inspiration resources.
(Ana Daniela Sultana, curator) – Bucharest, 2022


Surname and First Name: ANDRONIC ANA STEFANIA

DOB: day: 29, month: MAY, year: 1981, city: BUCHAREST

Education: "N. Tonitza" High School of Fine Arts in Bucharest

Specialised Studies: National University of Arts Bucharest

Year of Graduation: 2006, Major in GRAPHICS


Participations in group or collective exhibitions in the country and abroad:

Date of Exhibition Name and Place of Exhibition

1. 1996 - Animation Works - Animafilm Bucharest

2. 2004 - ARTEXPO Gallery (National Theatre)

3. 2010 -  PREVIEWS - Fashion and Life Style - The Ark Club

4. 2010 - PRINT ART FEST - McCANN Advertising Agency headquarters

5. 2010 - Expo Marina - Military Circle in Bucharest

6. 2010 - "Gheorghe Patrascu" Fine Arts Biennial in Targoviste

7. 2011- Naval League - Military Circle in Bucharest

8. 2011 - International Biennial - Meeting Point 2011 2nd Edition ARAD

9. 2012 - Balchik without frontiers - Silistra - BULGARIA

10. 2012 - UAP Expo- GRAPHICS 2012 - Bucharest

11. 2012 - Tea & Coffe Festival Bucharest Art Exhibition

12 2012 - Valentine's Day - Carturesti Library- Bucharest.

13. 2012 - Kitsch - Print Art Fest Bucharest

14. 2013 - Fancy Arts Festival of Folkloric Inspiration - IMBOLD- - Acuarela Bucharest

15. 2013 - THE NIGHT OF GALLERIES - "Matroane și Patroane" Production Workshop - Bucharest

16. 2013 - THE NIGHT OF GALLERIES - "Towards the land of the rising sun" - Franz Binder Ethnography Museum - SIBIU

17. 2014 - Biennial of Fine Arts - Ion Andreescu- BUZAU

18. 2014 - UAP Exhibition - GRAPHICS 2013 - Bucharest - The House of Art

19. 2014 - International Art Salon - TEMEIURI - Palace of the Parliament of Romania - Brancusi Hall

20. 2015 - UAP Exhibition - GRAPHICS 2014 - Bucharest - The House of Art

21. 2016 - International Art Salon - TEMEIURI - Palace of the Parliament of Romania - Brancusi Hall

22. 2016Eminescu Fine Art - Poetry International Contest, 6th Edition in IASI

23. 2016 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest

24.  2016 - ARTS in BUCHAREST with the topic IN-VARIABLE, 7th Edition

Personal exhibitions in the country and abroad:

Date of Exhibition Name and Place of Exhibition

1. 2009 - Café Verde Digital Art Bucharest

2. 2009 - Candy Colors - World Trade Plaza Bucharest

3. 2009 - Candy Colours - Lia Manoliu Park Bucharest

4. 2011 - 2 in 1 - National Military Circle in Bucharest

5. 2011 - ATTITUDES - Palace of the Parliament - Brancusi Hall

6. 2012 - ATTITUDES II - Helios Gallery - TIMISOARA

7. 2012 - 2013 Another Language BOCHUM - GERMANY

8. 2013 - The Woman Way - Imbold Gallery Bucharest

9. 2013 - ANOTHER LANGUAGE (PLUS) National Library of Romania - Symposium Hall in Bucharest

10. 2014 - Contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) ESSEN

11. 2015 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest 2015

12. 2015 - Contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) ESSEN

13. 2016 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest 201614. 2017 - Graphic Exhibition- PERCEPTIONS - Carturesti Verona

IV. Other forms of activity (conferences, lectures, articles, etc.):

1. Illustration for various magazines - publications (Women's World, Home Shop, Forest Universe

2Scenography as a graphic designer at CASTEL FILMS

3. Computer Designer at: Ubisoft, Gameloft Romania, Vivendi Games Europe SA (FRANCE) - BUCHAREST BRANCH, Namco

4. SANDO Workshop - Digital illustration session

5. PAF / PRINT ART FESTThe first digital art festival in Romania, an event destined for all the innovative forms of art

6. Book illustration - ULISIA collection – Signs Publishing House.

7. Colouring book for adults - "IMAGINARIUM" - ALICAT Publishing House.

Prizes, Awards, Scholarships:

Year Granted Name

1.2010 2nd prize Expo."Dimitrie Stubei" Exhibition - Romanian Naval League

2. 2011 1st prize  Romanian Naval League Exhibition - Bucharest