Ana Stefania Andronic


Critical References

Graduate of the National University of Arts Bucharest in 2006, Ana Ştefania Andronic is a graphic designer who has carefully avoided the temptations of the contemplative life, abhorrent to her open temperament and the overflowing creative energy she is driven by; she blended, like the young people of her generation, in the thrills and jamming animation of active life, growing to puzzle out so well its mechanisms which she embraces willingly, in good mood, impersonally and with humour.

This is the reason why the artist does not question the overwhelming and disturbing information flows, but merely ascertains their existence, in an attempt to find and shape the predominantly positive aspects of the contemporary system of values. Yes!, says the young women signing by the appellation of Buzu, we are suffocated, manipulated, overwhelmed, aggressed, but it is good to know, even is the information is biased, what is going on in the world (though she has long read the Book of Books and understood there is nothing new under the sun), figuring out on the fly the immediate usefulness  of communication and the opportunity to make the most of the cultural experience accumulated. In fact, with an imagination that uses the ability, the melodicity, the flexibility, the expressiveness of the line and the incontrovertible advantages of colour, the artist sometimes distances herself from the ordinary, accompanied by echoes, whispers, words, expressions, fractals, details, clouds and storms, wings and butterflies, real or fantastic creatures, with whom she contemplates the ebbs and flows of knowledge and history. We could even find the temptations of a predictable future in the linear runs or in the colour surfaces logically deduced from the continuous movement ignoring gravity and allowing signs the possibility to levitate. In this display, metamorphoses are not only possible, but even probable, and the artist's combinative passion has no self-imposed borders or insurmountable limits.

There are series of drawings with carefully constructed linear architecture; depressed, rigid or light, straight or curly, determined, lyrical or ironic, inspired by Arabic or crosshatch, figurative or abstract paths, open or nest shaped, but in a hierarchy of precise meaning, the lines associate the ink wash painting, the tint of colour or the detail under the magnifying glass; this network lies on a foundation, similar to the traditional painting funds, for the execution of which Ana Ştrefania Andronic uses a range of voids, space paths, or chromatic fields that receive the props described, suggesting the permission, refusal, or even the logic of these proliferations.

Another series of works by the artist relates, with grace and purity, conveyed through an intense and clear chromaticity, to other acute contemporary issues, such as the loss of healthy habits, all types of excesses, the danger to which the order of things is constantly subjected; an internal assessment of each action finds its specific investigation paths; the result is, almost always, a whirlwind, an ocean of signs, an invented geography with strange crevasses and heights to match, with cascading unleashing that dig deep  fjords, but also with the necessary areas of tranquillity and calmness. Seemingly chaotic, the world created by the artist's imagination is rigorously organised; any stop of the day's billowing  (light is needed to observe all the drawn details) involves fully crystallised structures, in which our need for knowledge places objects with figurative subtexts, and the artist's desire to confess includes, in small and plain writing, a statement or an advice.

Doina Păuleanu


Quick information, ultra-fast social and artistic movements, swift rise of technology. A true tsunami of information heading fast towards us. Everything is happening now!

Visual information and text information .... News and graffiti, videos and gadgets, videograms and riots. A continuous flow, an abyssal wave for neurons or eyes or soul, from which the individual pulling away / stepping aside becomes less probable  with each passing day.

The influx of information becomes annoyance, losing its aesthetic and informational value - a constant "buzz" that alters the flow of oneself.

A fog that alters the prospect and mitigates false news and medical breakthroughs, and the latest trends in fashion.

Beaten down to "motion blur", perception shuts down inwards, to phantasies and phantasms that have not yet been influenced by the external environment, but this is the next step, the next stage: the external annoyance incorporates within the self. How much and what remains of dreams and expectations?

Cristi Mărculescu

Movie Critic

Narration and metaphor

Ana Ştefania Andronic is a young artist with an inexhaustible imaginary, difficult to classify, which conveys the ludic forms and the logos to a space of floating magic. The oneiric pomp, with the sounds and reverberations of moving backwards in time, the sensations, the aromas and the candidness forging up metaphors are present everywhere, engraving, sometimes ineffably, other times with an intriguing lyricism, a world that runs according to the laws of its own scenography.

For the artist, the elements that make up this fabulous world have two different ways of aggregating the real: one limited to the spinning of details and another compulsive, of narrative floating. Both show an artist endowed with the ability to perceive the world as an endless game of delightful histrionisms and keys in a continuous scriptural ebullition. The imaginary has become a  mundane and celestial itinerary; the characters, the objects, the vegetation, the landscapes seems to suffer from a temporal impasse. They have been pulled out from cultural memory and are now restored either in a stasis of expectation, or an accomplishment of ascents and delights. The stories intertwine, and the cycling between cultural experiences and the revelation and exacerbation of the dream cast the spell of a motion picture run endlessly. Gnomes, goblins, little ETs seem to wander full of boost, trapped in the spectacle of life and vanity, the universe. A universe depicted by Ana Stefania Andronic unmistakably, in volumes drawn with tender-minded and minimalist simplicity and pasty chromatics, in compositions of tonic lyricism. Animals with shaky, uncertain, fragile body, clouds intersecting with household objects, fragments of celestial bodies, garments, magical objects, fish, water, snow, trees, vegetation-like growth constructs, all of which the artist watches upon, harmonising them.

The fragrance of a pomegranate makes the artist think at Tarkovsky Andrei Rubliov's masterpiece. Thus, the mythical fruit becomes diaphonies in a suite of works, a confessional character, a bearer of spiritual symbolism, with a profoundly cultural genetics.

Graduate of the National University of Arts, Graphics Department, tutored by Mircia Dumitrescu, starting 2010 the artist has been exhibiting works in prestigious galleries, in the country and abroad, enjoying the appreciation of both the public and critics. She was also present at artistic experiments in Germany and Romania, at art fairs, she delivered decorative artworks for institution offices and for the first CineCafe (Senso). At ArtSafari (Bucharest, 2014), he exhibited several works with flying colors. Starting 2014, she is a member of the Fine Artists' Union, the Graphics Department.

The recently-experienced decorativism, with its vegetal flow of shapes and chromatics, shows that every once in a while the "traumas" of narration need a new invasive gesture of the imaginary.

I saw Ana Ştefania Andronic in her studio located in the heart of Bucharest, where in this early part of the year she prepares two exhibitions that will certainly be received with great interest both by the public and critics.

Iolanda Malamen


2nd Issue (1080) 2017



Surname and First Name: ANDRONIC ANA STEFANIA

DOB: day: 29, month: MAI, year: 1981, city: BUCHAREST

Education: "N. Tonitza" High School of Fine Arts in Bucharest

Specialised Studies: National University of Arts Bucharest

Year of Graduation: 2006, Major in GRAPHICS


Participations in group or collective exhibitions in the country and abroad:

Date of Exhibition Name and Place of Exhibition

1. 1996 - Animation Works - Animafilm Bucharest

2. 2004 - ARTEXPO Gallery (National Theatre)

3. 2010 -  PREVIEWS - Fashion and Life Style - The Ark Club

4. 2010 - PRINT ART FEST - McCANN Advertising Agency headquarters

5. 2010 - Expo Marina - Military Circle in Bucharest

6. 2010 - "Gheorghe Patrascu" Fine Arts Biennial in Targoviste

7. 2011- Naval League - Military Circle in Bucharest

8. 2011 - International Biennial - Meeting Point 2011 2nd Edition ARAD

9. 2012 - Balchik without frontiers - Silistra - BULGARIA

10. 2012 - UAP Expo- GRAPHICS 2012 - Bucharest

11. 2012 - Tea & Coffe Festival Bucharest Art Exhibition

12 2012 - Valentine's Day - Carturesti Library- Bucharest.

13. 2012 - Kitsch - Print Art Fest Bucharest

14. 2013 - Fancy Arts Festival of Folkloric Inspiration - IMBOLD- - Acuarela Bucharest

15. 2013 - THE NIGHT OF GALLERIES - "Matroane și Patroane" Production Workshop - Bucharest

16. 2013 - THE NIGHT OF GALLERIES - "Towards the land of the rising sun" - Franz Binder Ethnography Museum - SIBIU

17. 2014 - Biennial of Fine Arts - Ion Andreescu- BUZAU

18. 2014 - UAP Exhibition - GRAPHICS 2013 - Bucharest - The House of Art

19. 2014 - International Art Salon - TEMEIURI - Palace of the Parliament of Romania - Brancusi Hall

20. 2015 - UAP Exhibition - GRAPHICS 2014 - Bucharest - The House of Art

21. 2016 - International Art Salon - TEMEIURI - Palace of the Parliament of Romania - Brancusi Hall

22. 2016Eminescu Fine Art - Poetry International Contest, 6th Edition in IASI

23. 2016 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest

24.  2016 - ARTS in BUCHAREST with the topic IN-VARIABLE, 7th Edition

Personal exhibitions in the country and abroad:

Date of Exhibition Name and Place of Exhibition

1. 2009 - Café Verde Digital Art Bucharest

2. 2009 - Candy Colors - World Trade Plaza Bucharest

3. 2009 - Candy Colours - Lia Manoliu Park Bucharest

4. 2011 - 2 in 1 - National Military Circle in Bucharest

5. 2011 - ATTITUDES - Palace of the Parliament - Brancusi Hall

6. 2012 - ATTITUDES II - Helios Gallery - TIMISOARA

7. 2012 - 2013 Another Language BOCHUM - GERMANY

8. 2013 - The Woman Way - Imbold Gallery Bucharest

9. 2013 - ANOTHER LANGUAGE (PLUS) National Library of Romania - Symposium Hall in Bucharest

10. 2014 - Contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) ESSEN

11. 2015 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest 2015

12. 2015 - Contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) ESSEN

13. 2016 - ART SAFARI - Bucharest 201614. 2017 - Graphic Exhibition- PERCEPTIONS - Carturesti Verona

IV. Other forms of activity (conferences, lectures, articles, etc.):

1. Illustration for various magazines - publications (Women's World, Home Shop, Forest Universe

2Scenography as a graphic designer at CASTEL FILMS

3. Computer Designer at: Ubisoft, Gameloft Romania, Vivendi Games Europe SA (FRANCE) - BUCHAREST BRANCH, Namco

4. SANDO Workshop - Digital illustration session

5. PAF / PRINT ART FESTThe first digital art festival in Romania, an event destined for all the innovative forms of art

6. Book illustration - ULISIA collection – Signs Publishing House.

7. Colouring book for adults - "IMAGINARIUM" - ALICAT Publishing House.

Prizes, Awards, Scholarships:

Year Granted Name

1.2010 2nd prize Expo."Dimitrie Stubei" Exhibition - Romanian Naval League

2. 2011 1st prize  Romanian Naval League Exhibition - Bucharest