Ailincai Arina

Ailincai Arina

Critical References

In her more recent works, the intention is to “write” a three dimensional poem – a metaphor for the human condition. The formal recipient used is the mould of the human body, a faithful replica made out of clay, present as the obverse, an ephemeral empty shell, which envelops and contains our complex soulful interior as personal and universal history. The inner walls of this body-vessel, oftentimes covered in scriptures, becomes a palimpsest of human existence: current and past. The decrease of contrast between the outer naturalistic details and the inner metaphoric scripture dilutes the fine line which separates the notional from the tangible. Older works represent a response to an emotional relation with the history of civilizations, maps, manuscripts, archaic alphabets, measuring instruments, etc.



1992    University of Toronto, Faculty of Visual Education, Canada

1971    University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2012    Honourable mention, Ceramics Multiplex, Varazdin, Croatia

1994    The Pierre Legault Award, National Biennial of Ceramics, Trois Rivieres, Canada

1992    Honourable mention, Toronto, Outdoor Show, Canada

1992    The Craft Council Ontario award: „Face to Face”, Canada

1991    The Jhon Mather Prize, Ontario, Craft’s 91, Toronto, Canada

1981    „Targa D’Argento” International Exhibition of Ceramic Art, Faenta, Italy

1978    Group Honourable Diploma. Quadrennial of Decorative Arts, Erfurt, Germany

1979    Honourable mention for Youth, UAP (Romanian Union of Fine Artists), Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2012    „Crossing Roads”, Yinnge Museum of Ceramics, Taiwan

2011    „Sculpture –Ceramics” UAP Gallery, Sibiu, Romania

2001    „Multiple Dialogue”, Est-West Gallery, New York Cultural Centre, USA

2000    „Multiple Dialogue” The Clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

1999    „Presence in Absence”, Craftsman’s Guild, Pittsburgh, USA

1998    „Insideout” Museum of Ceramics, R.G. Gardiner, Toronto, Canada.

1997    Ceramics, Photographs and Drawings, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada

1885    Ceramics, Passe Muraille Theatre, Toronto, Canada

1994    Installation-Ceramics, Banff Art Centre Gallery, Canada.

1989    Ceramics and Drawings, „La Petite” Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1988    Ceramics, Photography, Drawings, „Inn” Gallery, Kufstein, Austria

1985    Porcelain Artworks, Limoges Department Archives, France

1983    Ceramics and Photography, Oradea Art Gallery, Romania

GROUP EXHIBITIONS – in the past 10 years, selection

2014    Moving Objects, IAC/AIC General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland

2012    Taiwan Biennial of Ceramics, Yinnge Museum of Ceramics, Taiwan

Festival of Ceramics, Jinan, Zibo Museum of Ceramics, China

2010    Seto-City Art Museum, Seto, Japan

2009    Ceramic Multiplex, Varazdin, Croatia

2008    International Triennial of Silicate Arts, Kecskemewt, Hungary

„Figure in Transit”, International Ceramic Center Guldagergaard, Denmark

2006    Exhibition of the Members of the International Academy of Ceramics, Riga, Latvia

2005    Ceramic Multiplex, Festival of Postmodern Ceramics, Varazdin, Croatia

2004    Exhibition of the International Academy of Ceramics, Icheon, South Korea

First Biennial of Ceramics in Taipei, Taiwan

2002    Five Artists McKnight Northern Clay Centre, Minneapolis, USA

Faimar Symposium on Ceramics, Baia Mare, Romania

2001    „Shape-Style”, International Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture, Taipei, Taiwan,

„Made in Clay”, The clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

„Voiage” Biennial of Ceramics, Trois Rivieres, Canada


2013    Keramiks Simposium Panevezys, Lithuania

2012    Yinnge Museum of Ceramics, Taiwan

2008    Figure in Transition - International Ceramic Centre, Denmark

Ceramic Congress - Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey

2003    Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan

2002    Museum of Contemporary Ceramics Taipei, Taiwan

Northern Clay Centre, Minneapolis, USA

2000    Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA

1999    International Ceramic Studio-Keckemet, Hungary

1998    „G.T. Gardiner” Museum of Ceramics, Toronto, Canada

1997    University of Regina”, Saskatchewan, Canada

1996    Alberta College of Art & Design” Calgary, Canada

Ontario Craft Council, Toronto, Canada

1995    Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Canada

1993    Pottery Association, Toronto, Canada

1990    Harbourfront Art Centre, Toronto, Canada


1977    Romanian Union of Fine Artists, Cluj-Napoca Branch

2004    International Academy of Ceramic, Geneva, Switzerland